Medical UVC Detector Calibration Process

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UVC detectors need to be calibrated after being used too frequently or after a certain period of time. In particular, the calibration of medical UVC detectors must strictly meet Chinese national standards. Let's take a look at the calibration process for medical UVC detectors.

1. Why do we need to calibrate the UVC detector

The UVC detector uses a filter during the production process and the filter is prone to mildew due to environmental factors. As the time changes, the peak of the filter may drift over time. Many other factors directly affect the stability of the measured values. So we need to calibrate the instrument on a regular basis. Most instruments have a calibration period of one year. Users can also adjust themselves according to their frequency of use and instrument accuracy.

medical UVC detector

2. How to calibrate the UVC detector

  1. Prepare the standard instrument and standard light source and place the standard instrument on the standard light source. Connect the software provided with the computer. Open the software, read and record the test data of the standard instrument under the standard light source.

  2. Place the calibrated instrument on the standard light source and open the computer software to read the test data. See if the data difference between the calibrated instrument and the standard instrument is within the allowable error range. If the error range is exceeded, the calibrated instrument data is modified in editable mode to match the data of the standard instrument. No modification is required if it is within the error range。

When the hospital personnel selects the medical UVC detector calibration process, they can choose to send the UVC detector back to the original manufacturer for calibration or to the metrology institute. When the instrument is calibrated by the original manufacturer, the instrument can be returned to the standard value. However,calibration reports with authoritative certification are not available. However,the original manufacturer provides an interface to the instrument and supports third-party organizations to adjust the instrument. The metrology institute only issues the calibration report. If the test result is unqualified, they will not adjust the value to the standard value. The test report issued by the  China Institute of Metrology has nothing to do with the qualification of the instrument. If you want to select the best UV light meter, you can read "How to Select the Best UV Light Meter For Your Application?".



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