UV Light Meter Brand Analysis

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The UV light meter is an instrument designed to detect whether the intensity of an ultraviolet light source meets production standards. At present, the market is full of various brands of UV light meters. Different UV light meter brands have also introduced relevant instruments for different bands used in different industries.

1.Application areas of each waveband
      1)UVA is mainly used for UV light source detection in the curing industry and can also be applied to money detectors, nail machines, etc.
      2)UVB is mainly used in UV health lamps, medical physiotherapy lamps, plant growth lamps, fluorescent lamps, aging experiments, etc.
      3)UVC is also known as short-wave sterilization UV, with a strong bactericidal effect at wavelengths from 200nm to 280nm. It is mainly used in hospitals, disease control centers, pharmaceutical factories, food factories and other fields.
2.Three famous UV light meter brands on the market
      1)Linshang Technology
Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer of uv light meters in China. The main production of UV light meters are LS126A, LS126C, LS129 UV online monitor and LS125 multi-channel UV light meter. The LS126A UV light meter is primarily used to measure UV intensity and energy in the UVA band. The LS126C UV light meter measures UV intensity in the UVC band. The LS129 UV intensity meter is an online monitoring instrument with a standard RS485 communication interface and MODBUS communication protocol. It is convenient to communicate directly with PLC, computer and other equipment, real-time data acquisition and monitoring. It can be customized of different bands according to customer needs. The LS125 multi-channel UV light meter can be connected to 9 probes. The measurement range of these 9 probes can be divided into UVA, UVB and UVC. Customers can purchase a host with a variety of probes according to their needs.

UV light meter with UVA probe

2)Japan USHIO UV light meter

As a well-known brand of UV light meters, Japanese USHIO is well known but expensive. The price is generally around 20,000. The representative product UIT-201, measuring center wavelengths of 365nm and 405nm of the UVA band. It can record four minutes of data and support connecting to a computer.

UIT201 UV light meter

3)Taiwan Luchang

Taiwan Luchang is a manufacturer of UV light meters. Although the products produced are of various varieties, the accuracy of the instruments is low. The instruments produced are mostly used to measure UVA and UVC bands. UVC-254

The above is the introduction of three well-known UV light meter brands.  

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