Best UVC Meter LS126C Detect Germicidal Lamps

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uvc meter test 253.7nm lamp
uvc meter test 253.7nm lamp

Ultraviolet light achieves the purpose of sterilization by destroying the DNA structure of microorganisms. However, if the intensity value is unqualified, it cannot be killed, so you can use an UVC meter to detect the ultraviolet rays’ intensity.

With the spread of the epidemic and the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the environment, UV germicidal lamps are increasingly used in daily and public environments. The principle of ultraviolet light sterilization is to damage the DNA structure of microorganisms, so that the organism may lose the ability to reproduce offspring after death, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization. However, if the intensity value of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is unqualified, it can only kill the virus. So we need to use an UVC meter to measure ultraviolet radiation intensity to know whether the germicidal lamp is qualified.

In fact, UVC ultraviolet rays are the ultraviolet rays that actually have a sterilizing effect. Since C-band ultraviolet rays are most easily absorbed by DNA, mainly 253.7nm ultraviolet rays have the best sterilization effect. We know that in order to kill viruses and bacteria, there are two main points, that is, to protect the ultraviolet band and the intensity of ultraviolet rays. The inaccurate band or insufficient intensity value will not kill the bacteria. The cells are very regenerative and the killed cells will soon be intact after self-repair. Therefore, in order to have a good sterilization effect, it is necessary to use an UVC meter to detect whether the energy of the ultraviolet lamp is qualified.

Recently, some customers brought their new product: ultraviolet germicidal lamp to our company for testing. We selected the UVC meter LS126C for testing UV germicidal lamps. Place the ultraviolet disinfection lamp close to the receiving probe of the instrument. The test result will be displayed on the screen immediately. It is very simple and convenient. The customer bought a few of them immediately.

Linshang LS126C UVC meter is a special instrument for detecting ultraviolet intensity. The spectral response range is 230-280nm and the peak wavelength is 254nm. We know that ultraviolet rays can kill our skin, so be careful not to get burned when testing ultraviolet rays.

LS126C UVC meter also has Bluetooth function. After the instrument is connected to the mobile phone APP, it can realize wireless monitoring data outside a certain interval. It is very good to avoid being burned when checking data on site. Secondly, this instrument has a strong intelligent statistical function and can also trace the test date and historical data, making the measurement of ultraviolet light very simple and convenient. If you need a larger power measuring range, LS125+UVC-X0 UVC meter probe would also help you.



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