Mist Material Optical Transmission Meter

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Many customers often ask why my fog, milky white and matte materials have a high light transmission rate but the data measured by the optical transmission meter is small. This is because the materials such as fog and milk white are diffusely transmissive materials. Diffuse transmission means that a beam of incident light is scattered in many directions after passing through the material to be tested, because the light is scattered in the medium. When light passes through a transmissive material on a rough surface (such as frosted glass), the transmitted light spreads out and there is no regular transmission at the macroscopic level, called diffuse transmission. The material of the instrument does not receive most of the scattered light, so the data is too small. Therefore, for fog-like materials, we recommend using a professional optical transmission meter.
    We measured the same piece of mist material with a regular transmission LS116 optical transmission meter and a diffuse transmission principle LS117 optical transmission meter.
    Measuring the mist material with LS116 optical transmission meter, as shown in the figure, the transmittance is 1.218%.

LS116 optical transmission meter

Measuring the mist material with LS117 optical transmission meter, as shown in the figure, the transmittance is 71%.

LS117 optical transmission meter

From the above two case studies, it can be concluded that the data obtained by the LS117 optical transmission meter is relatively more accurate. LS117 optical transmission meter is a high precision light transmittance meter with integral sphere effect using diffuse transmission principle. This instrument is suitable for measuring aluminized film, milk white, matte and other materials. The instrument light source complies with the CIE photopic luminosity function.
    If your material is also foggy, opalescent material, we recommend that you use this professional optical transmission meter. For more information about the LS117 optical transmission meter, please consult Linshang Technology engineer.