60 Degree Gloss Meter Application Fields

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The 60-degree gloss meter can be used not only to measure paint, ink, ceramics, stone, metal and other materials, but also to classify the measured objects with high gloss and low gloss.

The 60 degree gloss meter is the most versatile instrument in all gloss meters and has a wide range of applications.The 60 degree gloss meter is mainly used in the measurement of surface gloss of inks,paints,paints,coatings,wood products, etc.The surface gloss of vitrified polished tiles,marble,granite,ceramics, architectural decoration materials.It can even measure the gloss of plastic, coated paper, non-metallic materials, metal materials and coated surfaces.
60 degree gloss meter can be used to perform gloss classification of materials.We generally use a 60 degree gloss meter for high gloss, medium gloss and low gloss classification of materials. For example, the material to be tested is measured with a 60 degree gloss meter. If the measured value is approximately 10 GU-70 GU, then this material is more suitable for testing with a 60 degree gloss meter.If the measured value is greater than 70 GU, the material is high gloss and a 20 degree angle gloss meter can be used to increase the resolution. If the measured value is lower than 10GU, the material is low gloss. A gloss meter with an angle of 85 degrees can be used to improve the resolution.

60 degree gloss meter

The gloss meter is an instrument that measures the flux, illuminance and brightness of visible light.It can reduce fluctuations and enhance long-term measurement stability.The measuring principle is that a light beam is emitted from the light source on the surface of the object to be measured. Then the light beam is reflected by the object to the sensor.The gloss of the object was determined by calculating the diffuse reflection and comparing it to a 100 gloss standard plate. Therefore, when the light reflected by the object is strong,the gloss of the measured object is high. When the light reflected by the measured object is weak, the gloss of the measured object is low.

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