Metal Digital Gloss Meter

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Metal is a kind of ductile, lustrous (that is, strongly reflected by visible light), easy for heat conduction. Metals are widely found in nature and are widely used in life. They are a very important and widely used substance in modern industry. Measuring the gloss of metals .We generally use a professional metal gloss meter.
    1. So why does metal produce gloss?
    Metals are metal crystals that are bonded by metal bonds. Metal atoms are arranged in the closest packed state. There are free electrons inside the metal. The range of motion is a whole piece of metal. When white light shines on the metal surface, free electrons can absorb all the wavelength of light that is reflected again, so most metals (except gold is yellow, copper is reddish, enamel is light yellow, enamel is reddish, lead is light blue) all have a silvery white luster.
    The gloss of metal products is generally high, so when choosing a metal
digital gloss meter, we should choose meter with small test angle but wide measurement range. For the inspection of metal digital gloss meter, the country has a clear regulation. The instrument should be produced in accordance with the national verification regulations "JJG 696". The surface of the sample used for measurement should be smooth, free from warping, corrugation and bending.

LS192 metal  digital gloss meter

The Linshang LS192 is a metal digital gloss meter that meets the national first-class machine standard, ensuring that inspection reports can be obtained by any authoritative metrology agency. The size of the metal surface should be larger than the measurement diameter of the metal digital gloss meter LS192.The diameter of the instrument should be close to the metal surface to avoid external light interference. Linshang LS192 60 ° metal digital gloss meter with a range of up to 1000GU. This meter has functions such as standard board fouling self-diagnosis, temperature compensation. It can also be connected to the computer. It is a true intelligent metal digital gloss meter.



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