Tile Gloss Classification and Tile Gloss Tester

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The tile gloss tester is an instrument that professionally tests the gloss of tile surfaces. The higher the gloss of the tile surface, the better the compactness of the tile. Good ceramic tiles, the glazed surface presents a crystal clear and translucent feeling. Under the illumination of the light, the light is reflected like a mirror. The poor tiles, the glazed surface is dull.

Tiles can be divided into the following types depending on the gloss:

  1. Bright tile: Gloss of 90 degrees or more. The high-gloss tiles have high reflectivity and are mainly used for decoration in hotel lobbies, clubs and other places. Common colors: yellow, black.

  2. Medium light ceramic tile: gloss 60 degree -90 degree. The luminosity control of medium light varies with the gloss of the original stone of each marble tile. This gloss control aims at restoring the natural luster of natural stone more realistically.

  3. Soft light tile: Gloss: 20 degree-35 degree. Soft light is between bright and matte. Its softness is characterized by softer so as to make the diffuse reflection effect more obvious and direct stimulation to the eyes reduced. The look is more comfortable. No visual fatigue. Common color: light gray, light yellow, beige, white.

In order to meet the needs of different customers, tile manufacturers need to control the gloss of the tiles when producing them. For the detection of tile gloss, we need to use the professional tile gloss tester - LS192. We tested a tile with the LS192 tile gloss tester. Turn the instrument on, after self-calibration, put the instrument on the surface of the tested object to start measuring. The gloss of this tile is 60.6GU. From this data, it is a medium light tile. We can also analyze the uniformity of the tile gloss by testing the five points of the tile. The tile gloss tester can easily judge the quality of the tile from its gloss while detecting, which brings convenience to the users.

LS192 tile gloss tester

LS192 Tile Gloss Tester measure tile glossiness