How Do We Use A Paint Gloss Meter to Detect Furniture Painting?

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The paint on the furniture surface usually emits different degrees of gloss. We generally use the furniture paint gloss meter to detect the furniture gloss. The paint gloss is divided into matte, semi-dumb and bright depending on the degree. Matte paint is divided into super matt, matte, soft light, mercerized, semi-light, bright. The specific division of the gloss from low to high is divided according to the degree of different reflection of the light. We know that paint generally protects wood or painted materials.
   So what are the factors that affect the paint gloss?
    1)The technical process, if the primer or the inner layer paint is not dry, the varnish is directly applied. As a result, the varnish is absorbed by the wood, thereby affecting the paint surface gloss.
    2)The paint quality, specifically the image quality and the ability of the paint surface to reflect objects. The more light the object reflects, the more noticeable the luster will be.
  1.How to detect the gloss of furniture?
     Generally, it is difficult to accurately judge the gloss of the furniture by the naked eye,so we generally use the furniture paint gloss meters to detect the gloss of the furniture. For example, the Linshang LS191 furniture
paint gloss meter, the specific measurement method of this instrument is as follows:

LS191 paint gloss meter

1)Preparations before starting the machine and wipe the standard board with a special lens cloth. Attach the main unit to the lens board and snap it into the base.
    2)Remove the lens paper from the standard board and press the power button to turn it on. The instrument start to power on, preheat, self-test, calibration and then enter into the measurement interfaces (about 10S in total).
    3)After entering the measurement interface, the instrument can be placed directly on the furniture. Then the instrument can measure the maximum value, the minimum value, the real-time value, the average value, the standard deviation value, the current record value and the number of statistics. (The default count of the instrument is 10, the adjustable range is 1-99 times)
    4)Put the instrument into the base and the instrument will automatically shut down after 3 minutes without any operation.(Put the instrument into the base and the meter will automatically shut down after 15s)