How does A Glass Thickness Measuring Tool work?

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Many modern high-rise buildings look like a whole piece of curtain wall glass. These glass need to be able to withstand the wind and the sun, so the quality requirements are very high. Too thin or too thick glass will increase the risk, so the thickness of each curtain wall glass needs to be precisely controlled. Usually we can use the glass thickness measuring tool to do this work, so how does it work?
    The glass curtain wall has a single layer and multiple layers. Many of them include hollow glass, double glazing, etc., so it is difficult to use traditional thickness measuring equipment when measuring thickness. The professional glass thickness measuring tool uses the principle of laser reflection, which can calculate the glass and air layer thickness by the laser reflection and the refractive index of different media. Therefore, all measurements need to be placed on one side of the glass for measurement.
    The actual operation process of Linshang LS201 glass thickness measuring tool is as follows:

1. Language setting

LS201 glass thickness measuring tool has Chinese and English language display interfaces.Long press the power button in the shutdown state to enter the language selection interface. Short press the “SELECT” button to switch between Chinese and English. After selecting the required language, short press the power button to confirm and enter the historical data query interface.

2. Measurement mode setting

The LS201 glass thickness measuring tool has two modes: automatic measurement and manual measurement.There is no need to make any parameter settings when testing the glass in the automatic measurement state. You can just press the measurement button to complete the measurement.In the manual mode, the user pre-sets the type of tested glass on the instrument, which is more suitable for testing multi-layer glass with complicated structure, such as laminated insulating glass or three-layer insulating glass. The instrument can measure the thickness of three layers of glass and two layers of air. There are two likely results for glass layer and air layer.Long press the“select”button to enter the measurement interface after powering on. You can switch between the automatic mode and the manual mode bypressing the“select”button.After selecting the desired mode,you can short press the power button and enters the next interface.

3. Automatic measurement mode

If we select the automatic measurement mode, it will enter the historical data query interface in the automatic mode. The laser notch on the back of the instrument will be pressed against the tested curtain wall glass. Press the measurement button and the glass thickness measuring tool will start to test. The test results will be immediately displayed on the interface.

LS201 glass thickness measuring tool

4. Manual measurement mode

If the manual measurement mode is selected in the second step, it will enter the preset interface of the glass type. The first layer defaults to glass material. We can switch the glass by pressing the “measure” button and the “select” button. There are three options: “glass”"air" and "none". Then we can press the power button to confirm entering the next layer of the preset or enter the thickness preset interface. After entering the thickness preset interface, the value is also set by pressing the “measure” and the “select” button. The setting interface of the next layer is confirmed by short pressing the power button. There are three options in the settings interface: “Save”, “Reset” and “Do not save”. After selecting the desired selection, short press the “power” button to enter the historical data query interface in manual mode.
    All of the above is the actual operation process of Linshang LS201 glass thickness measuring tool. If there is any doubt, you can view the LS201glass thickness measuring tool product details page.