How to Measure Glass Thickness Using a Glass Thickness Meter

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Glass is widely used in our daily life. There are many kinds of glass windows. In addition to the common single-layer flat glass, there are many types of glass windows, such as ultra-white glass, insulating glass, laminated glass and so on. There are certain requirements for the thickness of the glass used in different occasions. How to measure thickness of glass? We generally use a glass thickness meter that can be measured on one side.

Theglass thickness meter uses the principle of laser reflection to measure the thickness of the glass. In addition to testing the uninstalled glass of a single layer, it can also test the glass thickness of the glass window in various occasions. Materials such as the curtain wall glass of the building, insulating glass or laminated glass with excellent thermal insulation and some screen glass with frame protection inside. 

How to Measure Glass Thickness? Due to the laser reflection principle, the user only needs to place the instrument on one side of the glass to complete the thickness measurement.

glass thickness meter measure the single layer glass

The thickness of the single-layer glazing is measured in the above figure and the required data can be tested without opening the window. Thickness measurement of single-layer glass is a relatively simple, which can also be done using a vernier caliper or a conventional scale. But the LS201 glass thickness meter has a more powerful function. It can also measure hollow glass windows. Below we test a piece of insulating glass with two air layers. 

glass thickness meter measure insulating glass

It can be seen from the figure that a cross-sectional simulation of the glass appears in the display interface of the instrument .The thickness of the glass and the intermediate layer are simultaneously displayed on the figure. It can also be seen from the display interface that the glass has three layers of glass and the other two layers are usually vacuum or inert gas. Such a hollow glass window has very good heat insulation and sound insulation effect, but it also brings difficulty to the thickness measurement of a conventional vernier caliper or a scale. Therefore, it is necessary to use a digital glass thickness meter. 

Through the above two actual measurement introductions, it is not difficult to find that the biggest feature of this LS201 glass thickness meter is that the thickness measurement can be done on one side of the glass without manual reading and the operation is very simple.