Factors Affecting the Gloss Meter Price

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1. What is gloss? 

Gloss, as the surface characteristic of an object, depends on the surface's ability to specularly reflect light. The so-called specular reflection refers to a reflection phenomenon where the reflection angle is equal to the incident angle. Gloss is a physical quantity that evaluates the ability of a material's surface to reflect light under a set of geometrically prescribed conditions.

2. How to measure gloss ?

Gloss is determined by projecting a beam of light at a fixed intensity and angle onto a surface and measuring the amount of reflected light at an equal but opposite angle.There are several methods to ensure the uniformity of the surface gloss throughout the production process. The first is to measure the specular gloss, which is the ratio of light reflected at a specific angle on both sides of the surface. However, some products require that the ratio of specularly reflected light is normally diffusely reflected to the surface, which can also be controlled by the emitted light angle. Observing gloss at glancing angles of incidence and viewing angle and then quantifying the result is called measuring contrast gloss. In addition, in order to adjust the desired surface appearance effect, no halo or haze was measured in the vicinity of specularly reflected light. Then, the sharpness of the specularly reflected light is usually measured to determine the sharpness of the image for a particular product. Finally, an overall visual assessment is performed to determine the perception of surface smoothness and uniformity.

The quality of the product surface gloss is an important part of the product's psychological impact on consumers. By measuring the surface gloss of the product, the appearance of the product can be consistent. Products with the same appearance and performance can be produced. As a famous gloss meter manufacturer in China, we offer a full range of gloss meters to ensure accurate and consistent gloss measurements. 

3.  Factors affecting the gloss meter price:

(1) The gloss meter brand will affect the gloss price

Brand plays an important role in the gloss meter price. Customers tend to believe the gloss meters produced by famous brands.Brand influence refers to the ability of a brand to open up the market, occupy the market and obtain profits. Brand influence has become an important factor that influences customers' choice of gloss meters. Brand influence is a comprehensive reflection of core influence and external influence. The evaluation index comes from the direct evaluation and recognition of the brand by consumers, of which the core index is brand loyalty. Gloss meters from big brands usually cost a lot because they provide high quality gloss meters and thoughtgul after-sales service.    

(2) The measuring range affects the gloss meter price

The larger the range of the gloss meter, the higher the price of the glossmeter.  Linshang Technology , as a famous gloss meter manufacturer in China, has developed two types of gloss meters. The price of the Linshang LS192 gloss meter is slightly higher than the LS191 gloss meter. The biggest difference between the two gloss meters is the measuring range. The range of the LS192 gloss meter is 0-1000GU, while the range of the LS191 glossmeter is 0-200GU. If you only measure ordinary low gloss or medium gloss, a small range of gloss meter is sufficient.

The accuracy of  gloss meter is reflected in repeatability(0-100GU:±0.2 ;100-200GU:±0.2% reading)and reproducibility(0-100GU:±0.5 ;100-200GU:±0.5% reading. Linshang gloss meter conform to the standard of first class working machine in China. Chinese gloss meter standards are listed below:

gloss meter standard

gloss meter price

(3) Measurement angle affect the gloss meter price

At present, there are various gloss meters on the market, which can be divided into 20 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 75 degrees and 85 degrees gloss meters according to the measurement angle. In addition, it can be divided into single-angle, double-angle and multi-angle gloss meters according to whether it can measure multiple angles. Multi-angle gloss meter is usually more expensive.

4.Unique functions of Linshang gloss meter    

(1) Temperature compensation function  

Some gloss meters will be affected by temperature changes during use. If the temperature difference between day and night is large, it is recommended to purchase gloss meter with temperature compensation function, so that the gloss measured will not exist large deviation due to temperature at different temperatures.

(2)  The smart data statistics function    

The Linshang gloss metercan count the maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation of multiple sets of gloss data. Based on these data, the user can also determine the gloss uniformity of the surface of a material.

(3) Auto calibration 

Linshang gloss meter has the function of automatically checking the standard board when it is turned on. It can automatically judge whether the standard board is contaminated and give a prompt to avoid inaccurate measurement caused by the standard board contamination affecting the standard value.

As a famous gloss meter manufacturer in China, Linshang Technology devoted to provide customers the most cost-effective gloss meter. For more detailed information about the gloss meter , you can refer to the " Gloss Meter Selection and FAQ”.



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