Gloss Meter for Printing Industry

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There are many types of paper in the printing and packaging industry, including various cartons, plastic paper, kraft paper and so on. The gloss requirements of the paper surface for different purposes are also different. The gloss of the printed matter is one of the important indicators for checking the paper quality. The gloss of printed packaging is mainly determined by many factors such as paper, ink, printing pressure and post-press method. Therefore, a glossy print will make the paper look elegant and eye-catching.
    Therefore, many papers now carry out a series of processes in order to achieve the gloss requirements, such as: online glazing, filming, laminating, etc. In fact, these papers are tested for gloss at each step of the process. For example, the gloss test of the raw materials is carried out before printing, that is, white cardboard (white cardboard is also coated paper). Its surface gloss is about 13-15 gloss.

  1. The required gloss values are different because of the different processes. For example, in the case where the white cardboard has a gloss of 13.5. The gloss + value of the printing + online method is as follows:

  2. The use of Vigra water-based varnish gloss is about 35

  3. The UVV908 gloss is about 41

  4. The uv varnish has a gloss value of about 49

  5. The gloss value after printing + offline glazing is:

  6. The use of Vigra water-based varnish gloss is about 40

  7. The UVV908 gloss is about 52

  8. The UV gloss value of uv priming is about 59.

  9. The final gloss value after lamination can be as high as 80. The above gloss values are each based on the measured value of the gloss meter for printing industry at an angle of 60 degrees.

gloss meter for printing industry

Therefore, for the gloss meter of the printing industry, we generally recommend Linshang Technology's LS191 gloss meter for printing industry. The instrument is a universal 60 degree angle and is suitable for most types of paper. (Glossiness is less than 10 or higher than 80, a special gloss meter is used.) The performance parameters of the instrument conform to national standards and the measurement accuracy is high, which ensures the detection by an authoritative metrology institution. The Linshang LS191 is not only a special gloss meter for the printing and packaging industry, but also for the surface gloss test of stone, ceramics and baking varnish.



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