How does A Paint Thickness Gauge Work and its Classification

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Paint film gauges is also called coating thickness gauges. With so many brands of paint thickness gauges on the market, the measurement principle is also diverse.Therefore, the paint thickness gauges for different brands and different production principles are also used differently. So how does a paint thickness gauge work? Here we will look at different types of coating thickness measurement

LS223 paint film gauge

1. Classification of paint thickness gauges

Paint thickness gauges can be divided into five categories based on their measurement principles.

(1) Magnetic thickness measurement

The magnetic thickness measurement method is a method for determining the thickness of a magnetic coating on a magnetic substrate by using the principle of electric energy. This method is suitable for thickness measurement of non-magnetic coatings or chemical protective layers on magnetic substrates.

(2) Ultrasonic thickness measurement

The ultrasonic thickness measurement method generally refers to the use of a probe to emit ultrasonic waves, and the ultrasonic waves are reflected back to the probe when the measured material reaches the material interface. The thickness of the material is calculated by accurately metering the residence time of the ultrasonic waves in the material. This measurement method is suitable for materials in which sound waves can propagate inside at a constant speed.

(3) The eddy current thickness measurement method

It refers to a current loop through a probe at a certain depth on the surface of the conductor. When the plating layer is thinned, the eddy current is higher, and the galvanic current passes through the substrate. When the plating layer becomes thick, the current intensity becomes weak, thereby calculating the thickness of the coating layer.

eddy current principle

2. How does a paint thickness gauge work

How to use the paint thickness gauge for different measurement principles of different brands? Generally,the method of use is described in detail in the manual. However, the contents of the manual are generally complicated and there are other contents in addition to the method of use. This article focuses on the use of ultrasonic paint thickness gauges with reference to the manual.

ultrasonic paint film gauge

OU1600 ultrasonic paint thickness gauge is mainly used for coating thickness measurement of pipes, steel pipes, metals, stainless steel and other materials. Mainly use: H = (V * T) / 2

H——measuring thickness V——material sound velocity t——the propagation time of the ultrasonic wave once in the test piece.

3. Ultrasonic paint thickness gauge instructions

(1) Insert the plug into the instrument socket and press the switch key to prompt the instrument to enter the automatic measurement interface. At this time, the parameters of the instrument are the historical measurement data before the last shutdown.
(2) Adjust the speed of sound. If the current screen is displayed as the thickness value, press the“Sound Speed”button to enter the sound speed state, press the “Up” button or the “Down”button to adjust to the desired value. At the same time, the expected value is stored in the unit.
(3) Set the probe evaluation rate.Move the cursor to the “Set” button and press the“Left” button to change the probe frequency.
(4) Thickness measurement.After setting various parameters, the coupling agent is coated on the measured area.The probe and the measured material are tightly coupled to the screen to display the measured thickness of the measured area. (The“coupling”sign will appear when the contact is good and there will be no“coupling”sign or“coupling”sign flashing when the contact is not good).
(5) Sound velocity measurement. When the sound speed of the tested material is unknown, the instrument can measure the sound speed of the tested material.
(6) After setting various parameters,press“power”button to perform data measurement. The instrument displays the coating thickness.

In the power-on state, long press the power button to power off the instrument.

The above is the classification of paint thickness gauges and how does a paint thickness gauge work