Measuring the Transmittance of the Watch Dial with Optical Density Meter

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Light transmittance is an optical property of a material.The thickness, material, production process and other factors of the material will affect the transmittance value. Therefore, the use of the optical density meter is very wide.If you do not confirm whether the instrument is suitable for your own sample before purchasing the instrument, you can send the materials to our company for testing.We will feedback the test results to you.

Some time ago, customers sent four watch dials.They hope to use the LS117 optical density meter to measure the light transmittance so that they can compare with the standard parts to confirm whether the light transmittance meets the requirements. The four watch dials are translucent and unevenly distributed with some ink printed scales.

The dials No.1 and No.3 appear to be milky white, while the No.2 and No.4 are grayish white.It is only possible to judge by the naked eye that the transmittance of the dial is not the same,but we can't know the difference in the transmittance.We can't even see which light transmittance is better.

In order to ensure that the light transmittance of the dial meets the standard,the customer finally found our LS117 optical density meter.

LS117 optical density meter is an instrument that can measure the transmittance of translucent materials such as opalescent and frosted. Compared with most optical density meters on the market, the biggest feature of this instrument is the diffuse transmission principle.If you measure some translucent materials with other instruments,the resulting transmittance will be very small and the data cannot be used for comparison.Because these instruments using the principle of regular transmission which cannot receive all the light transmitted through the tested material.However,the LS117optical density meter can measure the true transmittance value.

optical density meter test watch dials

LS117 optical density meter teste No.1 and N0.3 watch dials

As shown in the above figure,the transmittance data of the two dials No.1 and No.3. The dial No.1 has a light transmittance of 61.89% and the No. 3 dial has a light transmittance of 61.59%.The lower graph is the transmittance data of the two dials No. 2 and No.4.The light transmittance of the dial No. 2 is 45% and the transmittance of the dial No.4 is 44%.

optical density meter test watch dials

LS117 optical density meter teste No.2 and N0.4 watch dials

Through the measurement of the LS117 optical density meter,we can clearly know the transmittance values of the four dials. Whether the transmittance of the dials meet the customers' requirements,it has to wait for the customers’feedback.