UV Intensity Meter for Sale

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   A few days ago,some customers reported such problems.They said that they used Linshang LS126C UV intensity meter to measure their germicidal lamps.The measurement results were not up to standard, but they could be discolored with the UV indicator card. So they think Linshang UV intensity meter is not accurate.Is this really the case?

1.The indicator card measurement principle:

Let's take a look at the UV indicator card how to measure the germicidal lamp:the UV indicator card is made of UV-sensitive material,which is simply made of chemical material that is sensitive to UV light.Comparing with the standard color block of the indicator card to determine whether the UV lamp is up to standard.The indicator card has strict requirements on the measurement time and distance.This measurement method is inaccurate for people with color blindness.

indicator card

2.The factors and characteristics of the indicator card discoloration:

  1. The indicator card measures ultraviolet light and is affected by many uncertain factors. We know that sunlight contains various light sources.A slight discoloration also occurs when the indicator card is placed in natural light for a longer period of time.

  2. This slight discoloration is not easily recognized by our naked eyes.The measured data is definitely inaccurate when we take the color-changing indicator card for measurement.

  3. When we have finished testing, we will instruct the card to be archived and store it for a long time. The color of the indicator card will change over time

  4. And the indicator card itself cannot give us an accurate measurement.Even if it changes color, it does not necessarily mean that the UV lamp is qualified.The "Technical Specifications for Disinfection of Medical Institutions" stipulates that

  5. Some bad quality indicator cards will also change color due to temperature.

 3.UV intensity meter

But the LS126C UV intensity meteris different.This is a UV intensity meter specially made for germicidal lamps.The instrument has the following advantages:

LS126C UV intensity meter

  1. LS126C UV intensity meter can accurately measure the maximum power value,minimum power value, average power value,real-time power value, measurement duration time.

  2. With Bluetooth function,the meter can be connected to the mobile phone-specific APP to achieve wireless monitoring data and avoid UV burns when viewing data on site.

  3. The instrument can set timed power off and the data will be automatically saved.

  4. The LS126C UV intensity meter has a dotted line display function,which can accurately analyze the change trend of the luminous intensity after the lamp is on.

  5. According to the "Technical Specifications for Disinfection of Medical Institutions". The instrument is equipped with a one-meter hook at the vertical position below the center of the tube during measurement.

  6. LS126C UV intensity meter is equipped with USB communication port and dedicated PC software. The software has functions such as parameter configuration,data reading, UV power curve,export UV power data to EXCEL, report generation.
    In summary,the measurement data of the UV intensity meter is more accurate than the indicator card and is more powerful.