The First LS116 Light Transmittance Meter with Communication Function

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The first LS116 light transmittance meter with communication function developed by Linshang Technology was born!After adding the controller, communication function and power supply, LS116 also realizes the function of real-time monitoring and recording the transmittance value on the computer, man-machine interface,PLC and other devices.

As a professional light transmittance meters supplier,Linshang Technology has been providing various light transmittance testing instruments for many years,including the LS152 online light transmittance meter that can be customized according to customer requirements.The instrument is mainly used in vacuum coating machine,coating machine and glass production line.The instrument can be connected to the computer, human-machine interface, PLC and other equipment to achieve real-time monitoring of light transmittance or optical density value.By doing this way,the product quality can be guaranteed.
     Recently,some customers have reported that they need a light transmittance meter for daily sample testing. And they hope that the meter can be communicated with computers and other devices like the LS152 online light transmittance meter.The meter can be used to store the transmittance data of a large number of samples,but does not need to be applied on the production line.According to the customer's request,we have customized a LS116 light transmittance meter with communication function.
     The conventional LS116 light transmittance meterconsists of three main components,the light source,the detector and the host that processes the data and displays the data.The instrument is powered by a dry battery and can hold up to 9 sets of data.The customized LS116 with communication function is no longer equipped with a display host,but the light source and detector are directly connected to the controller.The two interfaces of the controller are the power line and the communication interface.It is also equipped with a dedicated power supply that converts 220V AC to 7V.All accessories are shown below:

LS116 online light transmittance meter

After receiving the instrument,the customer can first connect the parts according to the following figure.The instrument provides RS485 communication interface and standard MODBUS communication protocol,which can connect the communication interface with computer, PLC, man-machine interface and other equipment to realize closed-loop control.After the connection is successful,connect the power cord to the 220V voltage. Then the instrument can be used.

online light transmittance meter

As shown below,we connect the communication interface to a human-machine interface (human-machine interface has its own power supply).Put a sample between the light source and the detector. The transmittance data can be read as 86% from the human-machine interface.If the communication interface is directly connected to a computer or PLC, data can be read and collected in real time on the computer and PLC.What customers need is to store the transmittance data of a variety of samples through a computer, and this function can meet the needs of customers.

online light transmittance meter

The customized LS116online  light transmittance meter has the same ±1% accuracy as the conventional model.In addition to the LS116, there have been customers who have previously suggested the customization of LS117,which is also very popular.Customizing the instrument will incur a custom fee,but if you do have this need, we believe that our technology and services will satisfy you.
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