How to Choose a Suitable Dry Film Thickness Gauge Supplier?

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1. Dry film thickness

Coating thickness or dry film thickness (DFT) plays a very important role in product quality, process parameters and cost control. The dry film thickness gauge can be selected to suit the dry film thickness in different applications.

2. Why is dry film thickness measurement important?

Dry film thickness (DFT) or coating thickness can be said to be a very important part of the application and inspection of protective coatings.Coatings with standard thickness are designed to provide effective protection and ensure optimum product performance.Even for the most basic coating thickness requirements, we need to measure the coating thickness.

3. Product quality inspection

Regular film thickness measurements help control material costs,manage application efficiency, maintain paint quality and ensure product compliance with contract specifications.The coating manufacturer gives the thickness that different coatings need to achieve and the customer also wants to purchase a product whose coating meets the thickness requirements.

4. Choose a suitable dry film thickness gauge supplier

LS221 dry film thickness gauge

When measuring the film thickness,a suitable dry film thickness gauge should be selected according to different dry film thicknesses.Different dry film thickness gauges vary in size. As a professional dry film thickness gauge supplier, Linshang Technology offers a variety of dry film thickness gauges of different ranges - LS221,LS223.The LS221 dry film thickness gauge has a measuring range of 2mm. The LS223 is equipped with two probes of different ranges: F3N3 and F5N3. The LS223 electronic thickness gauge is equipped with an F3N3 probe with a range of 3mm.The LS223 is equipped with an F5N3 probe that measures an iron base with a range of 3 mm and a non-ferrous base with a range of 5 mm.

Choosing the right dry film thickness gauge supplier,we should also know the time that the company was founded.The longer the company is established,the more services and product quality can be guaranteed.Linshang Technology was established in 2008 and has been focusing on the development of the instrument for 11 years. Linshang has won many honorary certificates for high-tech enterprises and the products he developed have obtained a number of patents.

If you want to choose a suitable dry film thickness gauge,you can get in touch with Linshang technical team before purchasing and learn about our product quality and after-sales service.