Differences between LS300 and LS301 Solar Film Temperature Meter

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Linshang LS300 solar film temperature meter and LS301 solar film temperature meter look very similar, many customers will ask that what is the difference?

1. Differences

Linshang LS300 solar film temperature meter is a professional instrument for testing the thermal insulation temperature of automotive films. The temperature difference is displayed above the instrument and the temperature is displayed below. The instrument can test and compare the thermal insulation effects of two different materials at the same time and directly display the temperature difference before and after the test. And you can directly sense with your hands. The LS301 solar film temperature meter is an instrument for measuring the thermal insulation of solar films with a peak wavelength of 940nm infrared. The temperature value is displayed on the top of the instrument and the insulation rate is displayed on the bottom. LS301 solar film temperature meter can not only measure the heat insulation rate, but also the heat insulation effect of two different materials.

LS300  solar film temperature meter

2. Same points

  1. Both instruments can be used to measure the temperature of materials.

  2. The two solar film temperature metersuse Philips' original 150W infrared light source, near infrared band to simulate the infrared rays in sunlight. The quality of the instrument can be guaranteed.

3. Use precautions of LS300 and LS301 solar film temperature meters

  1. Both instruments use national standard plugs. If you want to use other specifications, you need to buy a conversion connector.

  2. The instrument uses 220V AC power. It cannot be used directly used in the 110V voltage area (requires a voltage converter). Air conditioning is available in Taiwan.

  3. The two solar film temperature meters cannot set the test duration by themselves and the instrument can be customized if there are special needs.

  4. The instrument performs experiments based on the test time of 1 minute. If the timing is cancelled, the electronic components will be damaged under high temperature for a long time. As a result of negligent use, we do not assume warranty service.



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