How is the LS182 Window Tint Meter better than Other Models?

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Linshang Technology has been focusing on the research and development of window tint meters for 11 years. At present,there are 12 window tint meters that can be used to detect the transmittance, infrared rejection rate and ultraviolet rejection rate of solar films.Among them, the price of an LS182 versatile window tint meter is more expensive than other models.How is this instrument better than other models?

  1. The reason why LS182 has become a versatile window tint meter is that it is the only instrument that can measure six parameters,including:UV rejection rate,visible light transmittance, infrared 950nm and infrared 1400nm rejection rates,all infrared rejection rate and SHGC total solar projection ratio.Other instruments can only measure three of these parameters,so there is a difference in price.Many customers will find it difficult to choose a three-band window tint meter, because the solar film rejection is different when measuring with different infrared light sources. But if you use this instrument,there is no such confusion,you can choose the middle gear to read the average of the two infrared rejection rates.

    LS182 window tint meter

  2. There is a certain amount of relationship between the total solar transmittance of the SHGC and the SC shading coefficient.The SHGC can be calculated by dividing SHGC by 0.87 or 0.889.This value,like SHGC,is a comprehensive evaluation parameter of the solar film thermal insulation performance.

  3. The LS182 uses a large color LCD screen and there is a toggle switch on the right side of the instrument.It can switch between three gears to select the material's rejection rate for infrared rays in different bands.The instrument can also switch the interface between graphic display and percentage data display,which is more user-friendly.

  4. Compared with several portable window tint meters,this instrument has a large measuring slot of 47mm.In addition to being directly placed on the desktop as a demonstration device,it can also be directly clamped on some thicker building glass for on-site measurement. 

This LS182 window tint meter also provides light source customization services for different wavelength bands, please consult us for more details.



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