Why does the Data of Newly Purchased Lamp Tested By LS126C UVC light meter is Unqualified?

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For the 30W straight tube type UV germicidal lamp, the Chinese national standard stipulates that when a UVC light meter is placed 1 meter below the UV lamp for measurement, the power of newly purchased lamp needs to be greater than 100uW / cm2 to be qualified. The irradiance of the lamp must be greater than 70uW / cm2, otherwise a new lamp needs to be replaced.

UVC light meter is a professional instrument used to detect ultraviolet germicidal lamps. Linshang Technology independently developed and produced a professional UVC light meter LS126C for 254nm low-pressure mercury germicidal lamps. It is widely used in hospitals, epidemic prevention centers, pharmaceutical factories, drug administration and other occasions.

This LS126C UVC light meter is equipped with a 1-meter hook and data statistics software and a mobile phone APP. During use, data can be transmitted in real time via Bluetooth and the UV irradiation intensity of the germicidal lamp can be monitored in real time through the mobile phone app. The data is exported to computer software and a test report is printed.The instrument can ensure that it passes the test of the Chinese National Metrology Institute.

UVC light meter

However, many customers said that when using this UVC light meter to test the newly purchased 30W straight lamp, the data is unqualified. How can we troubleshoot this situation? We put together a few ideas.

  1. According to the test results of the UV light meter, China indeed have a variety of germicidal lamp brands that do not meet the standards. If the strength is not up to standard, it does not mean that there is no sterilization effect, but that the sterilization effect does not meet the national standard. If it fails to meet the standard, it means that the lamp does not meet the national standards.

  2. A special rectifier is required for the ultraviolet lamp. We use the same PHILIPSTUV30W / G30T8 lamp, rectifiers from different manufacturers. Then we use the LS126C UV light meter to detect the irradiation intensity of the ultraviolet lamp under different rectifiers. It is found that the data is very different. Therefore, it was concluded that using the same lamp tube under different rectifier drives, the UV radiation intensity will be different. So you have to choose both the right tube and the right rectifier.

In response to the second problem, we recommend buying a set of PHILIPSTUV30W / G30T8 lamps + special rectifiers for comparison tests to confirm whether it is a problem with the lamp or the UVC light meter. Or you can send a lamp and the rectifier equipped with it to our company for testing and confirmation.

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