Coating Thickness Gauge Used in Steel Industry

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If we want to use a material to summarize the present world, we think it must be "steel". Reinforced buildings, steel forests and steel give the building strength and rigidity, allowing the building to stand upright in various frameworks, becoming a city, a national landmark, or a popular check-in place. But does anyone know that steels with "tough guys' qualities" actually need some warm care.

1. Steel can be seen everywhere

Under thousands of degrees of high-temperature quenching, under an incalculable pressure, the steel is slowly formed. Then undergoes several processes and a usable steel is born. But this is not the end. In order to better meet the needs of modern manufacturing and construction, it is also necessary to carefully coat a layer on the steel surface in order to meet the needs of waterproof, dustproof, corrosion-proof and even fireproof. Don't underestimate this thin layer of coating. This is a change from mass production to qualitative change. Where is the changed steel used? So what film is to be plated on the steel? How thick is the film? How to know if the coating is qualified? These have become problems for steel manufacturers and related inspection agencies? The coating thickness gauge can help them solve these problems.

2. How to detect the steel surface coating thickness?

LS223 coating thickness gauge

Coating thickness gauge, also called dry film thickness gauge, is an instrument that measures the surface coating thickness of an object by physical and chemical means. According to whether the measured object is damaged, it can be divided into two categories: damage measurement and non-destructive measurement; According to its specific application principles, such as magnetic thickness measurement, eddy current thickness measurement, ultrasonic thickness measurement, etc.,
      Since most of the time, the steel surface is artificially plated with a metal coating, so a magnetic corrosion thickness gauge is used for measurement. With the help of high-precision probes, the coating thickness gauge can sensitively sense the coating layer of the measured object and then assist with the correction and display functions of the electronic chip.

3. What coating thickness gauge can be used for steel coating?

It is worth noting that in some special industries, such as printing, dyeing, chemical, papermaking and other plant steel, special anti-corrosion paint thickness gauge should be selected. For example, the LS223 anti-corrosion coating thickness gauge, which is relatively well-known in the industry, can read data accurately and has a wide measurement range, which can be applied to a variety of different scenarios, saving trouble.
Steel builds most of the buildings in our world, supporting our daily diet and living. It is a big contributor to modern society. Coating thickness gauge as a professional inspection instrument helps the detect the steel coating thickness, which also improve the steel quality.



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