Measurement of Household Color Coated Board Gloss by Gloss Meter

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The color-coated board has excellent corrosion resistance and protective functions. A variety of surface colors and surface effects make the color-coated board look beautiful. Baosteel color coating was originally used in the industrial construction industry, but in recent years the material has also gained a place in the home appliance industry. The surface gloss of the color-coated board is closely related to the plaque defect. Therefore, we usually use a gloss meter to detect the gloss value of the color coated board surface.
      Users in the home appliance industry have high requirements for the quality of the product surface. The coating on the surface is required to have strong adhesion, good flexibility and low hardness. And its gloss value measured with a gloss meter is high. Because color-coated steel coils have surface pitting defects when they are cut and unrolled. The coating surface will be slightly deformed when the board is baked and cooled after taking the coating and the surface may be rough. This slight defect will disappear as the board is stored longer or heated. However, if the surface is severely rough, the defects of the imprinting cannot be eliminated after the above measures.
      Therefore, we need to use a gloss meter to measure the gloss value of the color coated board surface. Select a gloss meter with a 60-degree angle at room temperature to test the gloss value of the color-coated board before winding. Then, the gloss value test is performed on the spot after the winding. The gloss value is required to be measured for multiple times and the average value is taken.

LS192 gloss meter

It is recommended to use Linshang LS192 gloss meter to measure the gloss value of color-coated boards. Linshang LS192 gloss meter is a 60-degree angle instrument, which can be used for measuring the gloss value of surface materials such as paper, stone, ceramics, plastics, inks, metals and paints. The measurement range is up to 1000GU. This gloss meter can measure real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value, standard deviation and count number of statistics at the same time, which is very suitable for measuring the color coated boards surface gloss value.
This gloss meter is very convenient to use in real-time measurement. With temperature compensation function, the measured value is stable. The meter is easy to carry with compact design.



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