Gloss Meter for Measuring Gloss

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In recent years, China's national consumption level has been increasing. Instead of only pursue the quality, people are increasingly demanding on the aesthetics of products. To make the product stand out among similar products, the product gloss is essential. Who will miss a product that shines so inconspicuously?
      The so-called glossiness can be understood as the slight "roughness" of the object surface. That is, the smoother and more "reflective" the surface, the more "brighter" the human eye feels and the higher the gloss. However, limited by the ability of human eyes to recognize, ordinary people cannot make accurate judgments on the product gloss. This requires a gloss meter to help us.
      For a measurement tool, accuracy is an important criterion for measuring the quality of the tool. As a working instrument for measuring the specular reflection on the object surface, the gloss meter is also a great test for it. The high accuracy of the Linshang LS191 gloss meter can ensure that it can pass the testing of any authoritative metrology institute and meet the national standard for working machines. There is no gap with the test data of imported BYK gloss meter. After measuring the surface data of coatings, paints, inks, plastics, stone, flooring, wooden furniture and other materials through the Linshang LS191 gloss meter, the zero value error can be guaranteed to be 0.2GU; The value error is ± 1.5GU. If such precision can't meet your requirement, then we will show you something attractive.

gloss meters

The Linshang LS191 gloss meternot only has excellent performance in measuring accuracy, but also is not inferior to other gloss meters in terms of maintaining test data stability. It can even be said to be superior.
      The stability of the instrument light source and whether it has a temperature compensation function are also important factors for the stability of the instrument. We know that the luminous efficiency of the light source is different under different ambient temperatures. Therefore, the light sources of general gloss meters need to use a constant current source and temperature compensation technology to ensure the stability of the light source. Constant gloss light sources generally can do this, but there are differences in the accuracy. But only a few gloss meters have temperature compensation function.
       The Linshang gloss meter has a temperature compensation function. When the temperature difference is very large, it does not need to be calibrated every time it is turned on. And it can ensure the stability of the test data. In particular, the advantages of maintaining stable test data in an environment with a very large temperature difference between morning and evening in the north are more prominent. This greatly facilitates the use of the user and improves work efficiency.
       Maybe you want to say that the gloss meter with such accuracy and stable measurement data must be very big, then you are really wrong. For the convenience of consumers, the Linshang LS191 gloss meter is only 104 × 35 × 60 (mm). You really don't consider owning such a gloss meter with many advantages ?



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