Importance of Paint Thickness Gauge and Gloss Tester For the Car

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Although the car is only a means of travel, with the development, the occupation of civilian cars is also increasing. Today, the streets are full of cars. From a certain level, the car now also represents the identity and status symbol of the car owner to a certain extent. Cars can be inexpensive, but the appearance of the car must give people a clean and comfortable vision.

We counted from the first mass-produced Ford in the history of automobiles. At the beginning, people thought of applying a layer of paint to the car. The original purpose was more for rust prevention, so most cars are black. Mainly, such as the Ford T-type car that began mass production in 1908, a type without decoration, but durable and easy to drive and maintain.

Car paint represents the “face” of the car. As the cost of paint is getting higher and higher, people also think about protecting it. At this time, many paint care items such as waxing, glazing, coating, crystal plating, etc. For car enthusiasts, the outer surface of a car paint requires detection of coating thickness and gloss. Usually, special paint thickness gauges and gloss testers for testing cars are used.

The paint thickness gauge is used to measure the outer surface coating thickness of the automobile. You don't need to see it with your naked eyes, you can quickly tell if it is an accident car. It is very useful to use paint thickness gauges to measure automotive exterior coatings.

Linshang LS220 paint thickness gauge combines two thickness measurement principles: magnetic thickness measurement principle and eddy current thickness measurement principle. Magnetic thickness measurement is suitable for non-magnetic coatings on ferromagnetic metal substrates, such as plastics, paints, enamels, etc. Eddy current thickness measurement is suitable for the measurement of non-conductive coatings such as anodized films and paint on non-magnetic metal substrates.

paint thickness gauge

Linshang LS220 paint thickness gauge features:

1. Only simple zero adjustment is need to achieve the accuracy requirements.

2. One measurement can be completed within 0.5S. How fast your hand is, how fast the test speed is.

3. The advanced digital probe is adopted to keep the zero position stable for a long time without drift. And the repeated test data at the same position is stable.

4. The measurement data is accurate and repeatable to ensure that it passes the inspection of Chinese national metrological testing.

5. Dual-use probe for both iron and aluminum. The paint thickness gauge also has intelligent identification of the measurement substrate and can converte the substrate automatically.

6. Using temperature compensation technology, the gauge can be used at minus 20 degrees Celsius. Ensure measurement accuracy at different temperatures.

7. High quality ruby probe, with abrasion, corrosion resistance and long service life. 

gloss meter test the car paint thickness

It is also very important to test the gloss of automotive paint. Paint thickness gauge and gloss tester are regarded as the golden partner of automobile paint surface inspection. Linshang LS191 gloss tester  is very suitable for glossiness testing of automotive paint.