Accurately Test The Gloss with Glossmeter

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   1. What does tile gloss mean?

Glossiness is used to describe the surface glossiness of an object. It has something to do with finish, but it's different. Tile gloss refers to the ability to reflect light. For example, we call the reflective light capability of black glass as specular reflection, then the tile gloss is the ratio of its reflective light capability to the reflective light capability of black glass (reference standard). The higher the gloss, the stronger the reflective ability, so the surface looks more like a mirror.
      At present, the surface of traditional microcrystalline stones, polished glazed tiles, polished tiles, emery glazed tiles, ultra-flat glazed tiles and marble tiles are polished. Different gloss tiles have different application scenarios. For tile gloss, the country also has relevant inspection standards.

2. What equipment should be used to accurately measure the gloss of tiles?

If you want to measure the gloss of tiles, you need to choose a professional tile glossmeter.

How to accurately measure the gloss of ceramic tiles is the most basic and important issue. In fact, we only need to use the glossmeter. The problem is that there are various brands and various styles of glossmeters on the market. Which glossmeter is more practical and convenient? Here, we just want to recommend Linshang LS192 glossmeter! There are several reasons for this:


(1) The ordinary design of the LS192 glossmeter contains superb technical components

Whether the glossmeter can measure accurately, the first thing to do is to make the standard value of the standard board accurate. Once the standard board is contaminated, the measured data will not be accurate. The ingenious design of the LS192 glossmeter host and base protects the standard board well from contamination and the instrument does not have to be calibrated every time it is turned on. In addition, the instrument has specific standard board fouling self-diagnosis function. When the standard value of the standard board is not within the qualified range, the instrument will automatically prompt you to clean the standard board. Currently only the LS192 glossmeter and BYK glossmeter have this function.

(2) LS192 glossmeter has temperature compensation function

Glossmeter is a very sensitive instrument. Under different temperature environments, the luminous efficiency of the light source is different. The higher the ambient temperature, the lower the luminous efficiency; the lower the ambient temperature, the higher the luminous efficiency. The Linshang LS192 glossmeter has a real-time temperature compensation function, which guarantees the stability of the instrument regardless of the temperature environment, making the measurement results stable and reliable. The temperature compensation function is realized through the instrument's real-time detection of the current ambient temperature. According to the detected ambient temperature, the drive current of the light source is adjusted in real time to ensure that the light source's luminous efficiency changes under different ambient temperature conditions. The intensity is the same, which ensures the measurement process. If the ambient temperature changes, the measurement data is still accurate.

(3) LS192 glossmeter automatic measurement and automatic statistics function

The LS192 glossmeter has an automatic measurement function. When you need to test the uniformity of a glossmeter for a piece of material, you only need to place the instrument on the measured material, no need to press the button, where to measure it; And the maximum and minimum values of the measured data can be automatically calculated on the display interface. Tested values and standard deviation. There is no need to connect a computer to view the data and the uniformity of the material gloss is clear at a glance.