How much do you know about improving the car paint gloss?

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1. Why do we need to improve the car paint gloss?

 Car paint is a chemical mixture coating that covers the surface of cars for protection and decoration. The car paint gloss directly affects the beauty and service life of the car. Because the main component of paint is organic chemicals, it will naturally oxidize and deteriorate under the long-term ultraviolet radiation. In the process of using the car paint, it will inevitably have more or less discoloration, whitening, darkening and so on. Coupled with the domestic high-temperature environment of dense fog, the corrosion resistance of car paint is reduced and car paint is more likely to lose gloss. In order to keep the car beautiful at all times, the car paint has to be maintained to improve the car paint gloss. Over-maintenance of a car can be counterproductive. Selecting proper maintenance methods can effectively protect the car. So how to choose the right maintenance method ?

2. Methods to improve car paint gloss

The most common methods used by car owners to protect car paint to improve gloss include waxing, polishing, and glaze coating. Each maintenance method has different characteristics.
         Waxing is the most common method for car paint maintenance. The price is low and it has a certain effect on anti-ultraviolet light. It can inhibit the oxidation of the car paint and improve the gloss of the car paint, but keep it for a short time.

Polishing is grinding on the top surface of the car paint. Thinner paint is not suitable for frequently polish, which will make the car paint thinner and thinner. The car paint will eventually lose the decorative effect and protective ability.
         The effect of sealing glaze is good. The body paint surface after sealing glaze can reach or exceed the effect of the original car paint. At the same time, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, sealing, oxidation resistance, gloss enhancement, washing resistance and corrosion resistance. The holding time is relatively long, but the price is also relatively expensive.
        The coating is a thin film applied to the car paint surface, which acts similarly to the sealing glaze , enhances the environmental adaptability of the car paint. It also reduces the damage caused by environmental factors to the car paint, maintains the car paint gloss and extends the service life of the car paint. 
         For cars that are slightly discolored, the owner can wax for maintenance and those that are moderately polished. If the funds are sufficient, you can choose to seal glaze or coating. In different situations, there are different maintenance programs. The owner can choose according to his car.

3. How to determine the car paint gloss?

   In addition to choosing a suitable solution for proper maintenance of car paint, there are also requirements for technicians 'maintenance skills, but the quality of technicians' skills is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. The current paint gloss meter can solve this problem, so after the car is maintained, the car owner can also use the paint gloss meterto detect the car paint gloss, so as to judge the car paint gloss quality.

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