Importance of Measuring the Stone Gloss with Gloss Meter

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1. What is "Stone Gloss"?

Those in the stone business must know the more basic concept of "stone gloss". Even if the understanding is not deep enough, the important value of "stone gloss" for the stone production and processing industry is generally known. The so-called "stone gloss" refers to the degree of reflection of the stone surface to visible light. The gloss of different materials also differs. Therefore, the gloss of the decorative stone is an important criterion for the stone quality. For example, in the stone production and processing industries, granite and marble, which are very common, have very different gloss levels. Generally speaking, the gloss value of natural marble is measured by a gloss meter mostly about 80GU and most granites are about 90GU.

2. What are the factors that affect the stone gloss?

The factors that affect the stone gloss, in addition to the difference in its own material.They are also affected by various factors such as the chemical composition, natural weathering phenomenon, denseness of the structure, texture, hardness, particle size and artificial measurement technology. That is to say, when we use the gloss meter to measure the "stone gloss", it is easy to change the value due to changes in external factors. Stone measurement often encounters unexpected challenges. If this kind of problem can't be handled correctly, there will be frequent mistakes in stone identification, affecting the value of stone.

3. How to measure the stone gloss with gloss meter?

Nowadays, if you want to accurately measure "stone gloss", you must use professional testing equipment. For example, Linshang LS192 gloss meter. The instrument use the 60-degree angle. When measuring, we just need to simply place the instrument on the stone surface. The ratio of the reflected light luminous flux in the reflection direction is converted into data by electronic calculation and displayed on the LCD screen of the instrument.

gloss meter
In order to help users to carry out the testing work more conveniently and efficiently, the display interface of the Linshang LS192 gloss meteris specially equipped with statistical functions, which can display the maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation of the test. Users can use this function to quickly analyze the uniformity of the stone surface gloss surface in a short time to get accurate data.



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