What is the Difference between Linshang UV Intensity Meters?

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Linshang instruments for UV germicidal lamps are LS126C, LS125+UVC,LS125+UVC-WP, LS125+UVCLED UV intensity meters.

Some customers will ask what is the different between the four Linshang 254nm UV intensity meters? How can I know which one is the right instrument for me? Let's take a look at the following details:

UV intensity meters

  1. LS126C UV intensity meter is mainly used for the detection of ultraviolet germicidal lamp intensity in hospitals, disease control centers, transmission windows and other occasions. And give a 1 meter measuring hook. The UV intensity meter has a Bluetooth function and can be connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth within 50 meters to avoid UV burns to the test personnel. Suitable for testing germicidal lamps of low pressure mercury lamp.

  2. LS125 + UVC is a large-scale UV dosimeter of host + probe, the specific range is 0-200,000μW / cm2. It is suitable for UV intensity measurement of high-power germicidal lamps such as water treatment. Suitable for germicidal lamps of low pressure mercury lamp.

  3. LS125 + UVC-WP is an enhanced version of UVC, the biggest feature of this UV intensity meter is waterproof. It can be measured 1 meter underwater. Suitable for germicidal lamps of low pressure mercury lamp.

  4. LS125+UVC LED is a UV intensity meter for professional detection of UVC, mainly suitable for LED germicidal lamps.

The spectral response ranges of the LS126C, LS125+UVC, LS125+UVC-WP UV light meter are 230nm-280nm, while the spectral response range of LS125+UVC LED is 200nm-400nm.We believe that through the introduction of above four products,you must be clear about which product you need. To learn more about the uv meter, please read "How to Select the Best UV Light Meter For Your Application?".



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