How do We Measure Paint Gloss?

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1. What is paint gloss?

To understand what is called "paint gloss", you must have some understanding of the basic concept of "gloss". As is known to all, glossiness refers to the physical quantity that evaluates the ability of the material surface to reflect light under a set of geometrically prescribed conditions. In other words, gloss is a value and unit that can be reflected by specific data.

 2. The importance of paint gloss in various fields

Since it is a numerical value, it will necessarily reflect a phenomenon, or the quality of the result. For example, what is the result of uniform paint gloss; what is the result of too low and uneven paint gloss. The most important thing is how important the change in value is to some fields.
       It is understood that as a chemical mixture coating that can firmly cover the objects surface for protection, decoration, signage and other special purposes. Paint is often used in areas such as decoration and material coloring. If the paint gloss is not uniform enough, it may lack some "sensation" above the initial look and feel. It may even appear to be of low quality and unacceptable. For example, in the process of coloring some high-end furniture, they do not pay too much attention to the steps and procedures of coloring the paint, which causes the paint gloss to be not uniform enough. However, in fact, the practical materials of these furniture are relatively sophisticated and the manufacturing cost is also high, but the sales volume is ultimately limited. This also proves the importance of paint gloss.

3. How to accurately determine the paint gloss?

LS191 gloss tester

Knowing the importance of paint gloss, the next step is to make accurate measurements. There are many high-efficiency testers on the market. The Linshang paint gloss testerLS191 is one of them. Compared with other testers, this Linshang paint gloss tester LS191 requires no complicated operations during testing. As long as the instrument is placed on the furniture material, the test data is immediately displayed. The instrument has a counting function that can record the current test data and automatically calculate the maximum, minimum, average and mean square error values. The smaller the mean square error value, the more uniform the furniture surface gloss. Relying on the testing ability of the gloss tester LS191, the work efficiency of many construction personnel has been greatly improved.



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