Difference Between Matte Paint and Glossy Paint | Paint Gloss Meter

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The difference in appearance between matte and bright light is not clear to everyone. Generally, the gloss of the matte paint film is below 20 GU and the bright paint film gloss is above 60 GU. In life, matte paint is commonly used on interior decorations. Because the matte paint film is more elegant and more advanced. The paint surface is soft and misty, people prefer to use matte paint as decorative paint. Gloss lacquer is not completely useless. For places that require a grand atmosphere, it is often used as a decorative lacquer.

1. Difference between mechanical matte paint and varnish

Matte paint and bright paint in mechanical paint are commonly used paint varieties. Although the two are only different in gloss, according to statistics from mechanical paint manufacturers, customers' requirements for gloss often reflect the use, mechanical properties, visual effects and the requirements for rust and corrosion resistance vary.

2. There are several differences between mechanical matte paints and varnish

(1) Different types of mechanical paints: Most resins have good gloss. For example, polyurethane paints, amino paints, etc. are normally bright paints, while metallic paints are normally close to matte paints. Most one-component acrylic paints are also matte paints.

(2) The scope of application of mechanical paint is different: bright paint is usually used for indoor machinery and equipment, marking paint, etc. Most of the matte paint is used for external walls and facilities that directly contact the human body.

(3) There is a slight difference in mechanical paint performance: matte paint is slightly better in abrasion resistance and scratch resistance than bright paint. For example, alkyd paint, although good in gloss and strong in decoration, has poor retention. It is easy to scratch, lose light and fade.

(4) The mechanical paint has different visual effects: bright paint gives a full and vivid color experience with high fullness.Matte paint gives an elegant and pure, subtle and soft color experience.

3. Paint gloss measurement

The gloss in paint is divided into matte, semi-matte and bright light. The general detection method is to use a paint gloss meter to test. The test result is the matte paint gloss below 20GU, the gloss of the semi-matte paint is between 20-40GU. The gloss of bright paint above 40GU. The Linshang paint gloss meter LS191 uses a universal 60 degree, which is not only small in size but also has high accuracy. It is a very stable instrument. And it is produced in accordance with the national inspection regulations (JJG 696).

4. How to use paint gloss meter LS191?

First press the button to power on and enter the measurement interface after the calibration is completed. The display interface can display the real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value, mean square error value, current recorded value, number of measurements and statistics. After testing, place the instrument on the baseand it will automatically shut down in 15 seconds.

gloss meter

There is no need to press the button when using paint gloss meterLS191 to measure the gloss, as long as the instrument is placed on the measured material. The test data will be immediately displayed on the interface. Press the power button to record the current test data and automatically calculate the maximum, minimum, average and mean square error values. The smaller the mean square error value, the more uniform the measured material surface gloss.



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