Is the UVC light Meter Used in Hospitals the Same Standard?

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Linshang Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional UVC light meter manufacturer. The UVC light meter developed specifically for the hospitals and quality inspection stations can be used to detect UV germicidal lamps and help determine whether the light source of the UV germicidal lamps is qualified.

In detail, the LS126C UVC light meter is suitable for the detection of germicidal lamps by medical institutions, the drug administration and the CDC; The LS125 UV light meter equipped with a UVC probe is used for the ultraviolet intensity and energy measurement of the 254nm germicidal mercury lamp; When testing the water treatment 254nm germicidal mercury lamp intensity and energy, we should use the LS125 UV radiation meter host with UVC-WP probe. The probe can be 1 meter deep waterproof; For measuring the UV intensity and energy of the LED germicidal lamp with a wavelength of 200nm-400nm, the best choice is LS125 UV light meter equipped with UVCLED probe.

UVC light meter

Based on the above popular science, we can clearly know that in hospitals, disease control, quality inspection stations and drug regulatory bureaus, the ultraviolet germicidal lamps that we can access are not uniform standards. So what role does the UVC light meter play in the hospital? We have to mention ultraviolet sterilization.

Ultraviolet germicidal lamps are also known by the general public as ultraviolet germicidal lamps, which use the powerful energy of ultraviolet rays to kill bacteria. Generally, in a hospital's disinfection room, laboratory and disinfection dressing room, only five minutes of exposure to ultraviolet germicidal lamps can be used to kill all viruses or bacteria. However, in a highly clean environment such as an operating room, it takes 30 minutes to achieve the purpose of disinfection. Our country has clear standards for the intensity and irradiation time of ultraviolet sterilization lamps. Ultraviolet germicidal lamps in hospitals include ordinary ultraviolet rays and high-intensity ultraviolet rays, but the radiation intensity of ultraviolet tubes cannot be lower than 70 μW / cm².

Most hospitals use ultraviolet sterilization lamps with a wavelength  of 240nm-280nm. This is also because ultraviolet rays with a wavelength in this range can achieve powerful sterilization. The hospital's strict classification and use of UVC light meters can not only maximize the effectiveness of ultraviolet sterilization lamps, save energy, but also make the disinfection and sterilization work more sophisticated.

However, when purchasing and measuring the intensity of ultraviolet germicidal lamps in hospitals, it is absolutely necessary to use an UVC light meter for control. Different UVC light meters have different functions. Some instruments have wide spectrum and can quickly measure the intensity of UVC LED light sources in each band. Some instruments can intuitively and accurately display the maximum, minimum, average, energy value and measurement time. 

For detailed information about how to evaluate UV sterilization effect of the germicidal lamp, you can read "How About the Sterilization Effect of UV Disinfection Lamp?".



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