How can We Improve and Measure Stone Gloss? | Marble Gloss Meter

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1. What does stone gloss mean?

The commonly used decoration stone can be divided into decorative sheet and mirror sheet. The glossiness of a stone refers to the reflection degree of its surface to visible light. It is a physical quantity that evaluates the ability of the stone surface to reflect light under specified geometric conditions. It has direction selectivity. We often say that the stone gloss refers to "mirror gloss", which is an important standard for testing the stone quality. The gloss degree is determined by the refractive index of the various minerals that make up the rock and the microstructure surface.
      In general, the mineral composition of the same kind of stone is basically similar. The smoother the surface, the higher the stone surface gloss. However, in the process of testing the stone gloss, there are many factors that will affect the evaluation of the stone gloss. Therefore, the stone gloss evaluation standard must be strictly tested.

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2. Stone gloss specifications

Different qualities of stone are classified into three grades: "good (above 80GU), average (70-80GU) and poor (below 70GU)" due to their hardness, structure and size of mineral particles. Different surface effects have different requirements for gloss. Granite and marble are usually polished. The marble gloss is about 80GU on average and granite can reach more than 90 GU. Different maintenance is required to maintain its gloss. The general stone 75GU can meet the general decoration requirements. The stone gloss of 80GU or more is required under special requirements.

3. What should we do if the stone gloss is unqualified?

The main reasons for the poor gloss of the stone are natural due to the unevenness of the stone, manufacturing process and surface stains.

(1) Because the material of the stone itself is not uniform, then the stone can be replaced or polished.

(2) Due to the low gloss of the stone caused by the manufacturing process, the polishing technique needs to be strengthened. The gloss of the stone meets the requirements

(3) In the daily use of stone, the surface is easy to be contaminated. If the stone gloss is reduced due to surface stains, you need to pay attention to the usual maintenance work.

4. How do we measure stone gloss?

Stone glossiness testing requires the use of professional stone marble gloss meters. There are many types of marble gloss meters, but the principle is the same. Linshang LS192 marble gloss meteruse 60-degree angle light source projection. Place the instrument on the stone surface during measurement. During the measurement, it is placed on the surface of the stone. According to the angle of the light source and the receiver, the instruemtn measure the reflected light flux of the stone in the specular reflection direction first and then measure the reflected light flux of the glass standard in the specular reflection direction. Finally, the two data are calculated as the ratio. The ratio is converted into data by electronic calculation and displayed on the LCD screen of the instrument.The LS192 marble gloss meter has statistical function, which can display the maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation. We can analyze the uniformity of the stone surface gloss.