Application of Gloss Tester in Furniture and Printing Industry

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1. Application of gloss tester in furniture industry

Furniture can be painted, varnished or dyed to achieve the gloss. Depending on the process, the gloss of the furniture varies, ranging from matte to high gloss. Throughout the process, the gloss of the product must be controlled to ensure consistent product batches and to check that the coating has been applied and dried properly. If the gloss does not meet the expected requirements, it usually means that there is a problem when painting or curing. 60 degree angle gloss tester is standard in the furniture industry. Customers usually use Linshang 60 degree angle gloss tester to measure the gloss of the furniture surface. The Linshang 60-degree angle gloss tester can display real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value and standard deviation at the same time. The number of statistical times can be set from 1 to 99. Customers can analyze the uniformity of the furniture surface gloss by means of mean square error. The smaller the mean square error value, the more uniform the gloss.

2. Application of gloss tester in printing industry

Linshang gloss tester

Gloss measurement is an essential measure in the printing industry. Packaging and magazine covers often use UV varnishes to create good gloss to attract customers. Reduced gloss of the coating may also indicate a problem with curing or drying. For example, a reduction in the output of UV curing lamps can have a catastrophic impact on the quality of printed food cartons. Incompletely cured inks and coatings may contaminate food in the packaging. These problems can be avoided by monitoring the gloss of UV varnishes. We can use Linshang LS192 gloss tester to test the surface of the packaging bag. This instrument is also equipped with computer software. When operating the instrument, you can connect the computer with a USB data cable. Each time you press the "POWER" button, the data will be stored in the computer software. By setting the upper and lower limits of gloss, the computer software will automatically determine whether the data is qualified or not. This function is convenient for customers to analyze the overall gloss of the object. In the printing industry, most people use a 60-degree angle gloss tester to determine process parameters to ensure that the visual appearance of printed and finished products is consistent.



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