Necessity of Testing Material Surface Gloss

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When light interacts with the physical characteristics of the test surface, a gloss effect is produced. Although it is said that the human eye is the best tool to check the difference in gloss. But visual surface control is not enough here because the test conditions cannot be defined and different people see and judge differently.
      In addition, the subjective understanding of the appearance depends on the personal experience of the audience: for paper manufacturers, many things are shiny, but for car manufacturers it can be tedious. Therefore, gloss must be tested by focusing on the reflected image rather than by focusing on the surface. Human vision and emotion can play a decisive role in the visual judgment of surface gloss. In order to ensure a more reliable and practical quality assurance, it is important to test the appearance with objective, clear standards. Accurate appearance classification not only helps quality control, but also optimizes manufacturing processes.
      The surface gloss is greatly affected by various factors, such as the smoothness obtained during polishing, the amount and type of coating, or the quality of the substrate. Manufacturers design their products to attract customers. Examples of this are; shiny body panels, glossy magazine covers or satin black designer furniture. Now, what happens if the product is different from the display? The customer marks this as defective or considers it a poor product. Using an efficient glossmeter and implementing stringent quality control measures can eliminate these problems.
      Therefore, it is important to keep the gloss consistent on each product or different batches. Gloss is considered a measure of surface quality.
      It is for these reasons that the manufacturing industry must monitor the gloss of its products. Industries ranging from automotive, printing, furniture to food, pharmaceuticals and consumer electronics need to test the specific gloss of the product.
      How to choose glossmeter?
      When it comes to the glossmeterin the industry, everybody knows the best brand in Germany - BYK glossmeter. I have to say that the German BYK was successful. BYK glossmeter has become a unified standard appliance at home and abroad. Therefore, the price is not cheap, ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 RMB. The instrument itself has a variety of functions, even a dozen languages. It is relatively complicated to operate. In fact, only a few functions are used.


I learned that there are several good glossmeters in China. There are indeed many very good advantages: small size, high accuracy, good repeatability, test reports print, etc., but the instrument must be accurate, which is the most basic. Under these necessary conditions, how to achieve a superior customer experience? Linashang Technology LS192 glossmeter has done it! Not only it can achieve a single measurement, multiple measurements, maximum, minimum, average, mean square error value, but also automatic measurement.



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