How to Use Infrared Power Meter and Ultraviolet Power Meter

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The spectral response range of LS122 infrared power meter is 1000-1700nm, and the spectral  response range of LS123 ultraviolet power meter is 260-400nm. Currently, there is no uniform standard for the intensity of these two wavebands, so these two instruments cannot be sent to the metrology institute for testing.

So how to use these two instruments? Most of the customers purchased the instrument to demonstrate the thermal insulation and UV-blocking properties of the solar film. Now let's take the operation of the LS122 infrared power meter as an example.

In order to test the thermal insulation of a solar film, we first need to prepare an infrared light source, an infrared power meter and insulation materials.

  1. Measuring the irradiance of infrared light sources (the sun, infrared lamp, etc.) To measure the irradiance of light sources, turn on the instrument and put the detector against the light source. Then the infrared irradiance of the light source can be measured.

  2. Measuring the infrared rejection rate of solar films or insulated glass, etc. To measure the infrared rejection rate of solar films and insulated glass, etc, two steps shall be carried out:

Step 1: Measuring the irradiance of the infrared light source

Sunlight and infrared lamp can be selected as the infrared light sources. First measure the irradiance of the light source, 3250W/m2. Under this condition, press "0%” button and set the infrared rejection rate as 0%.

LS122 infrared power meter

Step 2: Measuring the irradiance through the solar film or insulated glass

Maintain the distance between the infrared light source and the instrument, and put the solar film or insulating glass between the instrument and the infrared light source. Irradiance of the infrared light source through solar film or insulated glass is 1511W/m2, and the infrared rejection value of the material will display on the LCD. In Figure 1, the infrared injection rate is 53.5%.

Infrared transmittance = 1511/3250*100% = 46.5%

Infrared rejection rate = 100% - infrared transmittance = 53.5%

The operation of the LS123 UV power meter is exactly the same as the operation of the LS122 infrared power meter.



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