How to measure the gloss of car clothing? | Gloss Meter

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The automotive industry is committed to providing quality cars with gloss and beautiful colors to attract customers to place the order. From glossy chrome-plated parts to matte interior plastic parts, car gloss is also divided into different grades. The interior design of a car is becoming increasingly important in attracting customers to buy it. For every automaker, the biggest challenge is to make cars look premium while minimizing costs. From leather to plastic, a variety of materials are used in the automotive sector. The color and gloss of these materials are often adjusted when manufacturing automobiles. The car design team specifies the colors, gloss and textures to use. Once a new color, material or process is identified, a new "style" is born. In order to ensure uniform gloss among the various parts of the car, manufacturers have specified very strict gloss tolerances. They use a standard 60-degree gloss meter to measure the gloss of automotive parts. These small differences in color and gloss cannot be distinguished strictly according to visual perception.
      Automakers often produce prototypes with standard gloss. The prototype produced will become the color and gloss standard during production. Whether the gloss is qualified or not is not entirely based on the gloss value (GU) measured by the gloss meter. During the production process, car manufacturers are committed to eliminating the errors caused by the repeatability of the gloss meter (using the same
gloss meterrepeatedly testing the same plane of the same object).

gloss meter

Since the gloss of an object's surface cannot be evaluated visually, a digital gloss meter must be used. Linshang Technology independently developed two universal 60-degree angle gloss meters-LS191, LS192, which are widely used by customers in the automotive industry. Except that the two gloss meters have different measurement ranges, other technical parameters are the same. The range of LS191 is 200GU and the measurement range of LS192 is 1000GU. Take Linshang LS192 gloss meter as an example, this instrument can be used in car clothing, paint, coatings, inks, plastics, paper, ceramic tiles, stone The surface gloss test of products such as metal and electroplated layer, the test data can be comparable to the German BYK gloss meter. With temperature compensation function, this gloss meter has stable value, simple operation and computer software. If you need to buy a gloss meter for car clothing, please call-134-2135-6708 for more details!



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