How to Measure Stone Gloss?

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1. What is stone gloss?

  People's visual experience is the most real. The effect of stone applied to the whole environment brings different feelings. After all, the color and sharpness of stone have a great relationship with the stone gloss after grinding and polishing. Generally speaking, the higher the stone gloss, the finer the surface is optimized, the clearer the texture of the stone, the color of the mineral itself and the better the decorative effect. So we usually use a gloss meter to measure the gloss value of the stone surface.

2. How to measure the stone gloss?

 But how to measure the stone gloss? When measuring, you can choose a gloss meter. There are many kinds of gloss meters. They have a single metering function and there are many items that can measure gloss, sharpness, etc. The machine with diverse functions is mostly used by everyone. After selecting the instrument, there are a few things to consider:

① Ground requirements
      The measurement of glossiness is calculated by the formula using the 60 degree reflection of light. Therefore, the reflection effect on the ground is required during measurement. The ground must be clean and dry before measurement and free from water and dust pollution. 
     ②Measurement method
      After the overall observation, it is recommended to randomly select a rectangular area of 30 to 100 square meters and measure 5 points such as the four corners and the center point. Add the gloss and divide by 5 to get the overall average gloss. This method is used to randomly extract a few times to get an approximate gloss value.
      Because in large-scale projects, even for the same species of stone, there are differences in composition, density, etc. These are normal. Picking only the worst places is undoubtedly unfair and cannot represent the whole.

gloss meter

In order to solve these problems, Linshang new gloss metercan achieve single measurement and multiple measurements. If you need to measure the stone gloss uniformity, you only need to place the measuring instrument at the location where the material is measured. You can easily obtain the gloss data of the stone without tedious operations. This is a simple and accurate data gloss measurement instrument.
      Gloss affects the beauty of the stone. In order to achieve better stone quality, some effective measurement tools can be used in the management of the stone to facilitate everyone's work arrangement, achieve better product quality and benefit users.



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