Factors Affecting Ink Gloss and Measurement Methods

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1. How does the ink gloss develop?

Gloss and color are collectively called luster. Gloss, like color, can also respond to human psychology. Ink gloss refers to optical phenomena such as reflection, refraction, diffraction, interference and scattering of light that occurs on the surface of the ink layer when visible light is irradiated on the surface.
      Ink glossiness refers to the ability to reflect light in the same direction under the irradiation of light. The gloss surface shows the brightness of the ink after drying on the paper surface. The high gloss ink exhibits a high brightness on the printed matter. The gloss of the ink is expressed by specular gloss, the unit is GU. The higher the percentage of gloss, the better the surface mirror effect.

2. The main factors affecting ink gloss

 ● The size, shape and dispersion of the particles;
      ● Ink permeability, leveling and drying properties;
      ● Ink absorption and smoothness of paper;
       The thickness of the printing ink layer
      Printing has different ink gloss requirements. Various types of color printing have certain requirements on gloss to ensure that printed matter can meet quality standards. Prints with high gloss have bright colors, good artistic effects and high aesthetics. Therefore, gloss is one of the quality standards for products in color printing.

3. Ink gloss test method

 Gloss meter generally has 20 ° angle, 45 ° angle, 60 ° angle and 85 ° angle. The angle of incidence used in the measurement is different and the gloss is also different. The larger the angle of incidence, the greater the specular reflectance and the greater the gloss.
      The specific detection steps are as follows:
      Take a sample.
     ● Select five points and use a gloss meter to measure five different positions on the sample surface.
      After getting five values, take the average

4. Selection of ink gloss meter

gloss meter

 The gloss measurement of the ink requires a gloss meter. With so many gloss meters on the market, how to choose a cost-effective product has become the most important. When choosing an instrument, you need to pay attention to the following points:
(1) Accuracy; there is a unified standard for the gloss meter, which is divided into first-level working gloss meter and second-level working gloss meter. Linshang gloss meter LS192 meets the first-class machine standard and can pass national measurement
      (2) The simplicity of use. The instrument should be simple to operate and the data should be clear at a glance.
      (3) After sales service; Linshang Technology provide users with spare parts and lifelong maintenance services



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