Furniture Paint Gloss Meter

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Furniture paints are generally solid-color paints and varnishes. In order to meet environmental protection requirements, especially to reduce the impact of heavy metals on the human body, the solid-color paints are mostly white paints. According to different decoration requirements, the choice of plate will be different. It can be seen from the surface of wooden furniture that it is coated with a layer of furniture paint. This paint not only makes the appearance of wooden furniture more beautiful, but also plays a role in maintenance. Furniture gloss can usually be tested using a paint gloss meter.

1. The construction steps of paint

(1) Firstly we need to paint the board with sealing primer. 

(2) Paint with the sealing primer again and then make up the nail holes. The color should be adjusted so as to be consistent with the hue of the board.

(3) Polish the primer, pay attention to the first polish primer to dry grinding, pay attention not to polish the corners, primer brush three to five times, each time to polish smooth.

(4) Lastly paint the finish.

2. Paint gloss meter

With the continuous development and innovation of the times, today there are many categories, different materials, they have varieties and different uses. Among them, the gloss of furniture paint is an index to measure the price of furniture. The gloss of furniture will use paint gloss meter to test.

Paint not only makes the appearance of wooden furniture more beautiful, but also plays a role in maintenance. Linshang paint gloss meter LS191, with a universal 60 ° design, is not only small in size but also highly accurate, and is a very stable instrument. And it is produced in accordance with the national inspection regulations (JJG 696).

Paint gloss meter

3. The use of paint gloss meter LS191

First press the button to boot, and enter the test interface after the calibration is completed. The display interface can display the real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value, standard deviation, current recorded value, measurement times and statistical times. After testing the furniture paint, close the instrument to the base of the standard board and it will automatically shut down in 15 seconds.

The paint gloss meter LS191 does not need to be pressed during testing, as long as the instrument is placed on the furniture material, the test data is displayed immediately. Press the power button to record the current test data and automatically calculate the maximum, minimum, average, and mean square error. The smaller the mean square error value, the more uniform the gloss of the furniture surface.

Paint gloss meter LS191, not only can be used in the furniture industry, but also widely used in ink, plastic, paper, ceramic tile, stone, car maintenance, molding mold, metal coating and other industries to measure the surface gloss of materials.