How to Restore the Car Paint Surface Gloss?

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1.What should I do with the paint gloss?

  There are many possible reasons for the gloss of the painted surface. First, you need to determine the factors that affect the painted surface gloss.
   (1) Small scratches on the painted surface
    During the use of the car, there will be some small scratches on the surface due to prolonged rain washing and dust washing. These scratches will affect the flatness of the paint surface, resulting in a decrease in the painted surface gloss.
   (2) The quality of the paint itself
    The pigments in the paint are loose, or two or more colored paints are not mixed well with each other. For example, the medium blue alkyd enamel and white phenolic enamel are mixed. Even if they are evenly mixed, variegation may sometimes occur, which is more pronounced when brushing.
The solution is to strictly control the quality of the car paint to ensure the paint surface gloss.
    (3) Spraying process
Too much solvent or improper selection during paint distribution, the transpiration rate is unbalanced; one coating is too thick, convection and blooming occur on the top and bottom of the coating film to form small hexagonal markings; The paint of the color has not been cleaned and cleaned, especially the residual dark paint, when the light paint is applied, the dark bleed out of the bristles or rollers, etc.
Solution: Strict control of various parameters in the painting process, improve car paint spraying process and increase gloss of paint surface.

2.How to restore paint gloss?

If you want to restore the gloss of the original paint, we need to measure the gloss of the paint to ensure that the area of the repainted paint is consistent with the gloss of the original paint, to prevent the gloss difference from being too large, which leads us to see the gloss of the paint.
    (1) Test the gloss uniformity of the car paint surface with the Linshang
Gloss Meter.
(2) Use the original paint or adjust the paint according to the original paint ratio for spray proofing. The gloss of the sample was measured. Ensure that the gloss of the sample paint surface is consistent with the gloss of the original paint surface.
    (3) Repaint the damaged area of the paint surface. After the paint surface is dried, use a gloss meter to measure its gloss.

3. Linshang gloss meter LS192 features

Various measurement modes of the instrument, automatic measurement and manual measurement.
Real-time measurement, where to measure where.
 It can display real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value, mean square, and the smaller the mean square, the more uniform, intuitive and clear.
 Ultra-small design, take it with you wherever you go.
 The number of storage groups can be set by yourself and a maximum of 99 sets of data can be measured.
The instrument meets the national metrological verification regulations JJG 696 level gloss meter standard.
Connect to the computer, expand more functions and output professional reports in real time.