Application of ultraviolet intensity meter

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UVC meter
UVC meter

The UVC light source is widely applied in ultraviolet sterilization with board market .Especially in these years , the UVC LED light source develops very rapidly.However ,many people still don’t know how to detect the intensity of UV irradiation.

In short, an appropriate meter for the measurement of UV irradiation intensity must based on the specific condition of its own light source. For example, the ultraviolet sterilization lamp for medical institutions and articles for daily use.The UVC light source of these sterilization lamps are different .So,how to choose the right UV intensity meter for these types of light sources.

Most of the sterilization lamps used in medical institutions are elongated low pressure mercury lamp . According to the national standard , the irradiation intensity should be measured one meter below the center of the lamp tube . The LS126C UV intensity meter would be the most suitable one with high performance .It is equipped with one meter hook making the measurement easier.

The high power ultraviolet sterilization lamp are mostly used in the sterilization of the secondary water supply in some laboratories .The LS125+UVC intensity meter can be used in laboratory without the need for waterproofing . In the secondary water supply situation , if the probe needs to be waterproof, the LS125+UVC-WP intensity meter would be suitable.

The emerging UVCLED light source is widely applied in home appliances such as disinfection cabinet ,toilet ,cup,toothbrush case.The LS125+UVCLED UV intensity meter can test the irradiation intensity of this type of light source .

The LS126C ultraviolet intensity meter,LS125+UVC,LS 125+UVC-WP UV intensity meter can all be used to detect the traditional low pressure mercury pump .The wavelength response range from 230nm-280nm ,the peak wavelength is 254nm. The LS125+UVCLED is suitable for the UVCLED light source from 260nm-280nm, the spectral response range from 200nm-400nm.It can be used to test the 220nm-320nm LED sterilization lamp .The probe is broad-spectral and should be avoided in strong ambient light .The above are respective features of the UVC intensity meters.



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