What is the Standard GU for Spray Gloss? How to Choose Spray Gloss Meter?

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What does spray gloss standard GU mean?

Many users do not understand the meaning of the gloss value ** GU specified in the spray surface inspection standard. We will briefly introduce the meaning of spray gloss here.

Gloss is a specific type of object surface. It is an optical phenomenon such as reflection, refraction, diffraction, interference, and scattering caused by light on the surface of an object. Spray gloss refers to the ability of the spray coating film to reflect light in the same direction in the same direction under the light. Gloss indicates the degree of brightness of the coating film, and a coating film with high gloss exhibits a large brightness under the same lighting conditions. Spray gloss is expressed by mirror gloss, the unit is%, the higher the percentage of gloss, the better the surface mirror effect. The GU here is the abbreviation of gloss unit in English, which means the gloss unit. It is based on a standard board and is measured in a dimensionless manner. To be precise, it is the reflectance of the surface of the object when it is illuminated by light and the reflectance of the standard surface. The ratio is G = 100R / R. With the continuous improvement of modern spraying process technology, the surface of the product can be presented with different glosses to meet the needs of different users.

Selection of spray gloss meter

Generally speaking, spray gloss can be tested using a gloss meter that meets the requirements of national measurement standards. LS192 gloss meter has the following characteristics:

Feature 1: The LS192 gloss meter not only has a very exquisite external light shape, but also has a super metallic texture.

Feature 2: LS192 gloss meter is the first model with BYD function besides BYK. It prompts the user to clean the standard board in order to complete the correct calibration.

Feature 3: The first domestic instrument with temperature compensation function, even if the external temperature changes, the instrument can automatically adjust the luminous efficiency to ensure the same luminous flux.

Feature 4: The entire instrument has only one button, which is easy to operate; the instrument has a pure interface display, which also displays real-time values, real-time values, maximum, minimum, average, mean square error, and number of measurements.

Feature 5: low power consumption, continuous use for 48 hours; good repeatability, multiple measurements with the sample, the error does not exceed ± 0.2GU; good reproducibility, between batches does not exceed ± 0.5GU.

What should I do if the spray gloss is too low?

1. Improve the temperature and adjust baking time.

2. Too much powder return will also cause loss of light or dullness. Avoid excessive powder return.

2. Choose powder coating with higher gloss.