UV Intensity Meters Used in Family Life

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In family life, it is common to use ultraviolet light to sterilize for many people. But what most people don't know is the important role of the UV intensity meter. This high-precision instrument used to monitor UV lamps can help us understand the use of UV lamps and whether they need to be replaced in time. Many people don't understand the effect and importance of UV intensity meters. When they buy, they only pay attention to the quality and performance of UV lamps, and often ignore the instruments used to monitor UV light. To understand the importance of UV intensity meters, let's first understand the application scenarios of UV lamps in the home.
     UV lamps can irradiate UV light to kill bacteria and mites. When decorating at home, you can leave a line on the top of the kitchen, the top of the bathroom and the sides of the shoe cabinet. The three lines are concentrated to a switch point and a timer switch is installed. Install the other three ends of the line with an old lamp holder with a vibrator (the lamp tube may not be started without a vibrator). Purchase a suitable size UV germicidal lamp and install it.  If you want to prevent false photos, you can also add an infrared sensor switch. Through this installation arrangement, bacteria and mites can be effectively removed.
      If your home is wet , you can illuminate it with a UV disinfection lamp. For homes that are not sunny, there are garbage dumps near the home. The environment in industrial areas and other places needs UV lamps, which can provide a natural barrier for bacterial and virus invasion.There are fewer environmental viruses, so you won't catch cold if you get cold. Human health can be maintained by UV disinfection lamps.
      In both use scenarios of UV lamps, UV intensity detection, even using an
UV intensity meter, is essential. Through the analysis of the test result data, you can effectively understand the quality effect of the purchased UV lamp. This effect can also be applied to the production of different types of UV lamps. In addition, the test results can also be used to know the use of ultraviolet lamps, to provide users with guidance on timely replacement of ultraviolet lamps. For UV lamps that have been used continuously for more than 1000 hours, UV intensity testing should be performed once a month. When it is found that the data of the ultraviolet lamp detection result is abnormal or aging and the sterilization effect is not obvious, it should be replaced or repaired in time.

UV intensity meter

It is worth noting that during the use of the ultraviolet lamp and the ultraviolet intensity meter, do not turn off the lights immediately in the room just after the irradiation. The ultraviolet radiation is not completely eliminated at this time and it may cause a slight burn to the skin . When using UV lamps, try to keep the room unattended. Control disinfection time from 30 minutes to one hour. Wear protective glasses or sunglasses for home operations. Because both the high-intensity ultraviolet rays and the ozone generated by using ultraviolet lamps will cause harm to the human body. If the formaldehyde in the room is high, it is not recommended to sterilize with UV light, because it will generate hydrogen peroxide radicals, which will oxidize the skin and produce a series of chemical reactions.



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