How to Choose Gloss Meter for Plastic

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There are many kinds of plastic gloss meters on the market, but if you want to choose a really good gloss meter for plastic, you still need to prepare for the purchase. How to choose a suitable gloss meter for plastic, we can refer to the following three aspects:

1. Is there a standard board self-diagnosis function?
    If the standard board is not clean, then using the data of this standard board as the calibration value will affect the accuracy of the subsequent glossiness measurement results. So a good gloss meter for plastic should be able to identify if the standard board is clean and prompt to clean the standard board.

2. Is there a temperature compensation function?
    After the plastic gloss meter is calibrated once, if the ambient temperature changes, the luminous efficiency of the light source will change, and this change will cause errors in the glossiness measurement data. However, if the plastic gloss meter has a temperature compensation function to ensure that the luminous efficiency of the light source is constant, the glossiness measurement data can be more stable and accurate.

3. Consistency, stability and accuracy

gloss meter standard

In the process of mass production of gloss meter for plastic, it is difficult to ensure that the data of the plastic gloss meter reaches the accuracy of the first-level working gloss meter. At present, China has the following standards for gloss meter.
    A high-quality plastic gloss meter can be purchased by referring to the above three aspects. The production of the LS191 and
LS192 gloss meter for plastic has these functions and meets the standards of Chinese national first-level gloss meters.



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