Gloss Tester | Influencing Factors of Latex Paint Gloss

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In order to improve the aesthetics of the building, we often paint a layer of exterior wall latex paint on the exterior wall. But after a period of time, the gloss of these latex paints will decrease and the gloss will not be restored. What causes its gloss to decrease? What factors are related to its gloss? Take a look at the details below!
      1. The particle size of pigments in exterior latex paints and the dispersibility in the base material will affect the paint film gloss. The finer the pigment fineness, the better the uniformity of dispersion in the base material, the more it helps to form a smooth paint. 
      2. The pigment-base ratio in paint has an effect on the paint film gloss. As the pigment particles in the paint film weaken the specular reflection, the gloss decreases. And the gloss gradually decreases with the increase of the pigment volume concentration (P.V.C).
      3. When the pigment-base ratio is constant, the greater the oil absorption of the pigment, the lower the gloss.
      4. The pigments of different colors absorb and reflect light at different degrees. Because black paint completely absorbs light and white paint completely reflects light. Black paint shows higher gloss than white paint.

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5. The type of solvent used in the paint directly affects the speed of volatilization. Too fast or too slow volatilization will affect the flatness of the paint film and reduce the gloss of the paint film.
      6. The gloss of the paint film surface depends not only on the flatness and roughness of the paint film surface, but also the incident angle of light will affect the gloss. The larger the incident angle, the higher the intensity of the reflected light.
      For testing the gloss of latex paint, we generally use Linshang glossiness tester LS191, which uses a universal 60 °, which is not only small in size but also high in accuracy. Very stable instrument. And it is produced in accordance with the national inspection regulations (JJG 696).

How to use the latex paint gloss tester LS191?

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First press the button to boot and enter the test interface after the calibration is completed. The display interface can display the real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value, mean square error value, current recorded value, measurement times and statistical times. After testing the latex paint, close the instrument to the base of the standard board and it will automatically shut down in 15 seconds.
      When using Linshang gloss tester LS191, there is no need to press the button, just place the instrument on the tested material, the test result will be displayed on the interface immediately. Press the power button to record the current test data and automatically calculate the maximum, minimum, average and mean square error. The smaller the mean square error value, the more uniform the latex paint surface gloss.
      Latex paint gloss tester LS191, not only can be used in the construction industry, but also can be widely used in ink, plastic, paper, ceramic tile, stone, automotive maintenance, molding mold, metal coating and other industries to measure the surface gloss of materials.
      In summary, the gloss of exterior latex paint is affected by many factors. The influencing factors are mainly reflected in the two aspects of raw materials and production processes. Therefore, we should try to buy latex paint made of high-quality materials as much as possible. By the help of professional gloss tester, so we can improve the gloss of the latex paint and make it play the ideal aesthetic performance in the field of decoration.