Application of Gloss Meter in Textile Industry

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1. Gloss meter measures fabric gloss

In the process of industrialization, in order to control the quality of the fabric, a fabric gloss meter can be used to test various fabric structures and fabrics of different colors to assess the fabric gloss. The measurement principle is: parallel light emitted from the light source is irradiated on the sample at an angle of incidence of 60 ° and the detectors are respectively at 60 ° positions. The regular reflected light and diffuse reflected light from the fabric are measured. The digital display shows the light intensity and the gloss of the fabric is represented by the contrast gloss (that is, the ratio of the intensity of the regular reflected light to the intensity of the diffuse reflected light).

2. The detection method and operation steps are as follows:

(1) Randomly cut 3 samples from each fabric, the size is 100mm × 100mm. The surface of the specimen shall be flat and free from obvious defects. The samples shall be conditioned and tested in a standard atmosphere. Non-arbitration tests can be performed at room temperature, but the ambient temperature must be below 30 degrees Celsius.
       (2) Calibrate the instrument. Turn on the machine for 30 minutes to warm up. Place the dark tube on the measuring port of the instrument and adjust the zero point of the instrument. Replace the standard board and adjust the instrument so that the reading matches the value of the standard board.
       (3) Place the test surface of the sample outwards, stretch it flat on the dark cylinder. Place it on the measuring port of the instrument.
       (4) Rotate the sample table for 1 week. Read the maximum value of the fabric regular reflection gloss and the corresponding difference between the fabric regular reflection gloss and diffuse reflection gloss.

3. Design and application of textile gloss

Some textiles are shiny and some are matte. Shiny fabrics include silk, brocade, rayon and cotton silk. The shiny fabric has the function of reflecting light, making the shape have a feeling of expansion. It will emphasize its contour lines, making the wearer more eye-catching.
       Glossy materials are suitable for evening dresses and social clothing in style. They are even more brilliant under the light, suitable for people who need attention. However, due to the characteristics of reflected light and swelling, the wearer's body shape and skin color are required to be high. It should pay attention to the use of material color direction to emphasize the shape and pay attention to the organization structure of the material.

4. What are the precautions when using the gloss meter?

gloss meter

Gloss meter is mainly used to determine the surface gloss of ceramics, paints, inks, plastics, marble, aluminum, hardware and other materials. The gloss meter has a unified national standard and the accuracy requirements are relatively high, so it also has strict requirements in use, because a small mistake may affect the data you detect. Improper use will also greatly increase loss and service life of the instrument.
       As a professional gloss meter manufacturer, Linshang Technology provides you with a reference for using the gloss meter:
        First of all, the calibration plate of the instrument must be clean and free of dust and stains, because the clean standard board will cause the inaccuracy of the entire test data. It is best to place it directly on the base of the instrument.
       Secondly, the instrument must have a self-test and self-calibration function when it is turned on. It can automatically diagnose and timely find that the instrument cannot pass the self-calibration caused by system errors, improper operation and standard version fouling. 
       Finally, after using the instrument,it should be kept away from heat sources and corrosives and stored in a dry place.