Difference between High Gloss Latex Paint and Matte Latex Paint

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In order to improve the aesthetics of the building, we often paint a layer of exterior wall latex paint on the exterior wall. In fact, latex paint is also divided into high-gloss latex paint and matt latex paint. So what is the difference between these two latex paints?
       First of all, in terms of gloss, the surface of high gloss latex paint has high reflectance and the light is clear and bright; the surface of matte latex paint has low reflectance. The light is fuzzy and inconspicuous.
       Secondly, in terms of visual effects, the high gloss latex paint has a wide range of color choices, giving people a bright and bright color sense. But the use of large areas may have light pollution; the matte latex paint gives a softer visual sense.
       In addition, the high gloss latex paint is not easy to be held. It is easy to lose light and fade in outdoor use and it is easy to produce scratches and affect the feel. The matte latex paint is easy to be kept in use. The indoor and outdoor environment, scratches, friction, etc. Its impact is small.
       Finally, in terms of price, high gloss latex paint may be higher than matte latex paint. However, there will naturally be some differences depending on the brand, performance and type of latex paint. In construction, the high gloss latex paint has high requirements on the wall surface. If there is a little bump on the wall, it will be clearly visible, while the matte latex paint is relatively simple to construct and the wall is a bit uneven and difficult to detect.

1.  Latex paint gloss measurement

The gloss of paint can be generally divided into: 75 GU or higher is called high gloss paint, 50 GU to 75 GU is called flat paint, 10 GU to 50 GU is called matte paint, and 10 GU or less is matte paint. According to the relevant standard of ISO 2813 (DIN 67530) "Measurement method for specular gloss of colored paints and non-metallic paint films", the high-gloss surface is 20 °, the standard surface is 60 ° and the matte surface is 85 °.
       At present, this classification standard is suitable for the determination of colored paints, and is not suitable for testing the gloss of colored paints containing metal pigments. The paint gloss detection method is to use a professional paint gloss meter.

Linshang paint gloss meter LS192, with a universal 60 ° angle, is very suitable for testing flat and matte paints. The instrument is not only easy to use but also easy to operate.

2.  Testing method of paint gloss

(1) Paint gloss meter LS192 will enter the measurement state after passing the auto-calibration.

paint gloss meter

LS192 Paint gloss meter

(2) Short press the “Power” button to save the current measurement value. Each time the button is pressed, the instrument will automatically count the maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation of the test. The smaller the standard deviation, the more uniform the gloss of the paint surface.
       (3) Put the instrument in the base and it will automatically shut down after 15 seconds. It can also be turned off without any operation after 3 minutes.
       The gloss of paint is a very important appearance attribute, which is a parameter that users pay more attention to when choosing paint products. Therefore, the gloss measurement of paint can be tested by gloss tester!
       In fact, matte latex paints are indeed better than glossy latex paints. Whether to choose a high gloss latex paint or a matte latex paint should be based on the popular style, trend, function and personal aesthetics of the area where you live.