The difference between artificial marble and natural marble

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Marble can be divided into artificial and natural. The two biggest differences are the difference in gloss. Natural marble has good gloss. The gloss of marble can be checked by using LS192 marble gloss meter.
       Marble is a kind of stone that can be processed into walls, floors and pillars of buildings. It is also often used to build monumental buildings such as monuments, towers and statues. Marble is divided into natural marble and artificial marble. Below we will introduce the difference between artificial marble and natural marble.
       Natural marble: The natural marble has beautiful texture and mirror-like luster with high gloss. However, the natural marble itself is unevenly porous and difficult to clean once it is stained. Natural marble is therefore rarely used in places with oil stains such as kitchens.
       Artificial marble: Compared to natural marble, artificial marble is more environmentally friendly, and the material is more uniform and beautiful. Now the marble in the kitchen and bathroom is basically artificial, but the artificial marble has a lower gloss than natural marble.

marble gloss meter

The LS192 marble gloss meter has a large measuring range 0-1000GU. It is easy to operate, and the real-time gloss can be measured by directly attaching the instrument to the surface of the object after starting up. For the detection of marble gloss, you can use Linshang Technology's LS192 marble gloss meter. And the instrument is equipped with special PC software. It can be connected to the computer and printed test report by the software, so this gloss meter is also very suitable for the marble manufacturer.



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