Specular Gloss Meter Detect Gloss Quality of Color Pages

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1. The importance of color page gloss

Printed color pages are often used for product promotion. If you want to maintain the impression of the product in the minds of consumers, the appearance of printed color pages needs bright colors, clear layers, strong texture, space and material sense. When tarnished, the aesthetics and value will be greatly reduced. And too high gloss will also affect the viewing effect of the user. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the gloss of the color page surface.

color pages

The factors that affect the gloss of color pages are mainly the nature of ink, printing conditions and types of substrates. In order to improve the gloss quality of color pages, you can adjust them according to the following methods:

  1. Add auxiliary agent appropriately in the ink. Adding appropriate auxiliary agents to the ink can adjust the printing suitability of the ink for smooth printing. Most adjuvants have an adverse effect on the gloss of the finished product.

  2. Color page printing is customized to use dry oil correctly. For advanced bright fast-drying inks, under normal temperature and humidity conditions, it has sufficient drying capacity.

2. Specular gloss meter detect the gloss quality of color pages

By adjusting the ink quality or improving the printing process, the gloss of the color page surface will be increased or decreased. However, in the actual production process, it is unrealistic to maintain the ideal working condition all the time. A slight change in the operation process will cause deviations in the surface gloss of the color page. In order to ensure the quality of color pages after printing, you can use a professional specular gloss meter to measure its gloss so as to ensure that the surface gloss of the product is within the range required by the customer.

specular gloss meter

There are many types of paper in the printing and packaging industry, including various paper boxes, color pages, plastic paper, kraft paper and so on. The gloss requirements of the paper surface for different uses are also different. The gloss of color pages is one of the important indicators to check the quality of color pages. The gloss of printed color pages is mainly determined by many factors such as paper, ink, printing pressure and post-printing method. Therefore, color pages with good gloss will make the paper look elegant and eye-catching.

For the specular gloss meter in the printing industry, we generally recommend Linshang LS191 specular gloss meter. The instrument has a universal 60-degree angle and is suitable for most types of paper. (If the gloss is lower than 10 or higher than 80GU, it is necessary to use a special specular gloss meter.) The performance parameters of this instrument conform to national standards. The measurement accuracy is high, which can ensure that it can pass the inspection of the authoritative metrology agencies. Linshang LS191 specular gloss meter is not only a specular gloss meter for printing color page industry. This instrument can also be used to test the surface gloss of stone (measurement and evaluation of stone gloss), ceramics, baking paint and other surface gloss.



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