Gloss Metre | Effect of Wood Coating on Surface Gloss

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1. What is the gloss of wood coatings?

Wooden products with different gloss will have certain visual differences when visually observed. The gloss is not a simple feeling, but refers to the fact that at a specific angle, the surface has a large amount of regular reflection, and the gloss is high. The surface has many diffuse reflections, and the gloss is low.
       The gloss measurement of wood and paint film is carried out by a gloss metre, which is expressed as a percentage of the intensity of reflected light to the intensity of incident light. The gloss parameter is composed of three indexes, that is, the gloss parallel to the wood grain direction and the gloss perpendicular to the wood grain direction, and two indexes of the two gloss ratios. These three indicators can effectively and reasonably reflect the change of gloss characteristics before and after the wood finishing.

2. Effect of wood coating on surface gloss

Generally speaking, the gloss of wood is improved after coating with various varnishes. The gloss of wood surface increases continuously with the increase of the paintings. The variation of gloss parameters of different woods before and after painting is different. And the varnish parameters of polyurethane varnish, nitro lacquer and alkyd varnish with different coating times are basically the same, that is, they increase continuously with the increase of the number of paintings.
       In order to accurately evaluate the effect of wood coating on the surface gloss, we can detect it with a professional gloss metre and reflect the change in gloss before and after the coating through the above three indicators.
       The natural gloss and color of natural wood lacquers have unique decorative properties, which can not only increase the aesthetic value of wooden products, but also make the wooden products durable. It is an ideal coating for wooden furniture. But the gloss of wood lacquer is divided into high-gloss, semi-matte and matte. Generally, the gloss metre is used to check the gloss of wood paint.

3. Gloss measurement method

How to use LS191 gloss metre to detect wood paint surface gloss? First press the power button to turn on, you will be prompted to calibrate, press YES to calibrate, press NO is not calibrated (calibration is generally not recommended for errors within 1GU).

gloss metre

Then the instrument enters the test interface. The interface can display real-time values, maximum values, minimum values, average values, standard deviation values, current recorded values, measured times and counted times. The smaller the standard deviation, the more uniform the gloss. Place it on the surface of the material and press the power button to record the current test data and make statistics automatically.
       After the test is completed, as long as the instrument is closed to the base of the standard board, the instrument will automatically shut down. Gloss metre LS191 is an instrument produced in accordance with national standards and meets the requirements of a first-class working machine in the metrological verification regulations.



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